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  1. TICKETS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR TRADE....SORRY. Attention all Springsteen fans with tickets to Springsteen On Broadway!!! I have a pair of Mezz seats for next week (November 7th) to TRADE. MEZZC, Row G, Seat 113 & 114. I JUST found out I have to attend a meeting out of town that cannot be missed! I am gutted - do not want to sell, but want to trade for comparable seats around the holidays (Or any date, actually). Please Help me! Cost for both with fees: $637.20
  2. I've tried to write something on this thread for days now but just haven't been able to. I sit here staring at the screen, hands on the keyboard, but nothing comes out. I've known MArk since 2001 and like Lisa, Judy, LBF, and some others, was one of my first friends on this board. We had such long crazy email conversations that would go on for days. He was my sounding board when I was having a hard time. We met just a couple of years after my husband passed away - and for some reason I felt more comfortable sharing my grief and troubles to this person online....he was always there to offer some advice, make me laugh, tell me stories to get my mind off my troubles. We only met in person three or four times....at tailgates. I remember that bottle of red JoaneFontaine mentions. He walked over to me, and placed it right in my cooler. That was at the last Shea show.... At first (and let's face it....always) it was his sense of humor. His sarcastic view of everything. His 'assholeness' that drew me to him. I loved how he loved to rile people up. Where is .belinda, anyway?? I've been beating myself up a lot over the last few days....because I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a while....and I stopped writing back to him. He tried for a while, that's for sure. I just did a search on my gmail account and there are hundreds and hundreds of emails. Some day, I'll find the strength to go back and read them. I've been listening to a few compilations he made for me....LMac's (that's what he called me) Going Out Mix or LMac's Sunday Morning mix.....very colorful artwork on those discs. I just hate myself for dropping out of his life the way I did.... wish'd I would've known.... One thing I've learned from this. Mend fences. Make a list of the people who you've lost contact with. Think about how you'd feel if they passed away and you didn't get to say goodbye. There was one person (after Mark) who made that list for me. We're meeting for dinner next week...... My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, son, brothers, and friends.....I'm so sorry for your (our) loss.....
  3. LOL can't you bring up the whole thread? We've gotta see that one again too. And where's the one about wanting to visit her sister in Korea? That turned into the Koreasene heater?? Great way to end a stressful work week......Outstanding!
  4. I'm f'ing crying here. Twice in one day Miami MArk made me cry. "things that mean mice will do, especially teenage mice. " LOLOL
  5. Yay! This is a 'must read' for everyone. Can you find the conversations between MM and .belinda for us next?
  6. Guess I can take some sort of credit for getting this one back up LOL I think it's even funnier the fourth or fifth time around......
  7. Too damn funny, Mark! Hillarious...... Most people our age wanna forget our birthdays...... Mrs.Miami's gonna remember this one for a lonnnnnng time...... Still laughing here.....