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  1. Listen: A Springsteen playlist for dreaming of escape in a time of isolation "...during these first 10 days of social distance, I have been going wherever Bruce Springsteen takes me. No other artist has been as capable of drawing out and salving what I feel, or as useful a companion on my auditory tunnelling expeditions."
  2. Congratulations to the Springsteen book winner in Germany! And thanks to Karsten and the members of Greasy Lake for making the reprint of limited edition book For You a success. Just under 400 copies remain. cheers, Lawrence Kirsch
  3. hey, Listen to Steve Trevelise on tonight, Wednesday at 9pm EST when I will be interviewed by Steve on limited edition Bruce Springsteen book For You. Tune in to
  4. Of all the great armies of rock fans, few can match the devotion of Bruce Springsteen's. For them it's not just catching just one show-it's about catching them all. Anyone who has experienced Springsteen in concert will testify that the bond between audience and artist transcends the usual adulation. Something magical, almost mystical happens. Some might describe it as spiritual-most definitely it is life affirming. It is in trying to nail this phenomenon that the beautiful hardbound For You has arrived. Published by Lawrence Kirsch and replete with an amazing welter of outstanding photographs, it's a mind-blowing collection of thoughts and stories from fans of every age and many nations, each explaining why Springsteen occupies such an important place in their hearts. Covering all four decades of Springsteen's career it is possibly the ultimate fanzine for it is the fans who have made the journey and whose words tell us as much about them as they do about Springsteen. The warmth and humanity that flows from every page is truly moving and provides a beacon of hope from which we can all draw strength in these hard times. Not a book to be read at one sitting but rather to revisit and enjoy over time." Colin Hall RocknReel UK
  5. His music has made an indelible mark on nearly every aspect of these writers' lives: birth, love, leisure, the passing of time, marriage, sex, and death. It's all here. One account described how the crowd parted so that his very young son was able to see during a show. Another describes how a show brought one fan and her (now late) husband even closer together. Sometimes though, it's just a good time with close friends, music blaring from the car stereo. One of the most inspiring essays in the book was provided by a Reverend Suzanne Meyer, who totally struck a resonant chord in this description of the song Land of Hope and Dreams — 'The song's beauty comes from its simple profession of faith in the power of community.'" Mark Saleski The Friday Morning Listen still some copies left... Order Here:
  6. Just wanted to give a shout out to my friend Lawrence Kirsch publisher of his amazing book that has just been reissued, For You! I’ve just read it once again after many years and it’s like I’m reading it for the first time! The only thing now is because of all the wonderful people I’ve met in Spring-Nuts, I look at it today in a much different way and have a new sense of appreciation for it. One of the most amazing aspects of this book is that there are a bunch of Spring-Nuts included in this book who at the time it was originally released I didn’t even know! There are so many stories that stick out! The one thing I love about “For You” more than anything is the honesty and most of all reading about all these amazing and different experiences, Bruce interactions, and some incredible stories everyone has had over the years. It’s one of the foundation’s I wanted to have when I started Spring-Nuts. To hear about everyone’s encounters, experiences and opinions being a Springsteen fan. And this book captures all of that perfectly. From beginning to end. And the photos that accompany the book are just spectacular. Not the ones you have seen a hundred times over the years. Listen, I have 3 copies of For You. Lol. 2 of the originals from 2007 when it came out, and the latest reissue. If you are a Springsteen fan this is a must have book. In fact I originally submitted my own article before the original release came out. Unfortunately it didn’t make the cut but after reading all the stories in the book, I realized that I’m sure thousands of people sent in submissions and it must have been a hard choice to make narrowing it down to a couple of hundred. Maybe the next version! If you don’t have For You yet, GET IT. And if you do have it, READ IT AGAIN! It’s that good! Howie Chaz Head SpringNut
  7. I recently received my copy of For You and I have to say it is truly a great book! Just amazing! As people have said before it could stand just on the strength of the photography alone. A lot of the stories are brilliant as well. A great document. The last page says “the journey continues” and since this book was first published a while ago I’m putting in my vote for volume 2 - I would buy it in a heartbeat. I know there’s a lot more great stories and photos out there. Highly recommended. Tippspring
  8. Win Limited Edition Springsteen Book “For You” Light of Day - Asbury Park, NJ Click here for all the details: OR HERE:
  9. 47 Years Ago Today 1973: Bruce’s recording career is born with the release of his first album, Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. Greetings includes classic song For You. Fan favourite limited edition Springsteen book For You, copies still available here:
  10. Fans praise limited edition Bruce Springsteen book, For You.
  11. "For You” is one of the most important books ever to trace the career of Bruce Springsteen. Limited edition book featuring amazing photos and stories. Less than 500 copies available. Shipping Now!-Order Here:
  12. There is a funny story of Bruce playing the Syria Mosque in the newly released book For You.
  13. Martin, very happy you have received the book, and lo-and behold, you are even in it! Amazing! Enjoy reading all the amazing stories and viewing the incredible photos. all the best for the holidays, Lawrence ps any one interested in buying the book, less than 500 copies remain...
  14. Limited edition book featuring amazing photos and stories. Less than 500 copies available. Shipping Now!-Order Here: