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  1. What the hell is going on? Why don't I see the TOP members MickB, Born to Rock and Bosstrade on this forum anymore? Too bad, they contributed an incredible amount to this forum. Maybe I'll forget a few more, but thank you very much for that. I hope for your return one more time. Best wishes Herman
  2. Without a premium account, it's slow but it'l work. http://www.filefactory.com/file/1c18vdyg7wc9/Bruce Springsteen 1977-83%2C The Lost Masters%2C 1-10 FLAC.zip http://www.filefactory.com/file/4srzqns8jja9/Bruce Springsteen 1977-83%2C The Lost Masters%2C 11-19 FLAC.zip http://www.filefactory.com/file/5jltcnm27bi7/Bruce Springsteen 1977-83%2C The Essential Lost Masters FLAC.zip
  3. A few years ago U torrent upgraded versions very fast and add a lot of commercial adds, which won't work pretty. So I installed the latest 'clean'version without these rubbish, the last "stable" good one: U torrent 2.2.1. (build 25110) which worked perfect for years!
  4. I know there is a more complete version of 2013-06-22 nijmegen, a dvd rip who used the sources Dutchmasters (incomplete) and You Tube. I don't know the sound quality. If there's interest I can cheque.
  5. Hello everyone I hope everyone's doing well this Corona time. Listening to a lot of music I discovered that my CD below is corrupt. Is there anyone who has a good copy for me? Herman Bruce Springsteen ‎– Deep Down in The Vaults Label: E. ST. Records ‎– ES-63/64/65
  6. If we're in the oldies , Is there anybody who has "Fire On The Fingertips" https://www.discogs.com/Bruce-Springsteen-Fire-On-The-Fingertips/release/8252183 as CD copy or LP Rip. Maybe the tracks are well known songs with strange titles. Thanks Herman Bruce Springsteen ‎– Fire On The Fingertips Label: Chapter One (3) ‎– CO 25135 Format: CD, Unofficial Release Country: Released: 1990 Genre: Rock Tracklist 1Guns Of Kid Cole 2Mama Knows Arythmatic, Knows How To Take A Fall 3Get Your Wheels And Roll 4Kid Called Zero 5Angel From The Inner Lake 6Southern Son 7Cowboy Of The Sea 8Thunder Road Notes Demos (live and studio) recorded 1972/73.
  7. I have a reasonably large BS collection, but the fabuous Mick B and Born to Rock and others are more complete and faster!! Thanks Guys. If I can help someone with somthing what else, I can do that. I've a collection with pretty much everything from the Stones and Stones related [therefore BS some reluctant (albeit) because of storage] Furthere a collection from visited concerts in the Netherlands of + LIVE +, Bon Jovi, Glenn Hansard, Southside Johnny and many others. Send me a PM if you are looking for something in this direction. Herman
  8. Hello, Is there someone who have the Flynn's 2007 Magic Tour 'It's About Tricks' compilation Thnx Herman
  9. Great thanks Born To Rock!!! Now that we're working on it , does anyone have this DVD Rip: Bryce Jordan Center, Penn State University, University Park, PA Date: 1st November 2012 (Incompl.) Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Title: N / A 'Label': Earlmv Format: 2 cdr Source: Audience Brucebase: http://brucebase.wikispaces.com/2012#011112 Storyteller: N/A https://www.springsteenlyrics.com/bootlegs.php?item=4475&category=filter_date&filter_date=2012-11-01&page=1
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