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  1. I dont really care what side of the political spectrum this ad favors... But he must understand that people have ben weathering a pandemic for almost a year on top of political unrest and protests on top of the day to day grind. People are losing their jobs and livelihoods everyday. Having any celebrity who has not had to leave their house except for special appearances give advice seems really off base.
  2. If they come out with a limited Springsteen Edition Jeep with his voiced used for the navigation system, I would consider buying it.
  3. What do you think he was writing on that piece of paper? And why was he lighting that candle? We may never know. For some reason, I feel the need to go to my local Jeep dealer tomorrow though.
  4. I'm hoping for 7 Nights To Rock, Stand On It, Johnny 99, and Reno.
  5. I would have to say Danny. His organ playing is so distinctive, and crucial to the classic E Street sound. It was really noticeable on songs off the new album where they were attempting to replicate that sound, but the style of organ play didn't quite match, and the organ didn't really stand out. Songs like Jackson Cage, Hungry Heart, Rosalita, Backstreets wouldn't have been what they are without his playing. It's like he was the magic dust sprinkled into all those songs.
  6. Santa Ana Lovers on the Cold Because the Night Meet Me in the City This Hard Land What album was Leavin Train written for? The guitar and vocals on that song are some of his best I have heard from the studio.
  7. Nashville to NYC would be a terrible drive. It would take all day. Bad weather this weekend too. Personally, I hope they play All Alone for Christmas with a special appearance by Darlene Love! Realistically, I could see them playing Ghosts, an E Street classic such as 10th Avenue, and Santa Clause.
  8. The album is beautiful with the exception of Rainmaker. I wish he had included an updated version of Homestead instead. It makes a similar political statement with better lyrics, story telling, and melody. I doubt I will ever listen to Rainmaker again after today. But overall, it is a great release. The opener is beautiful. I love the 3 songs from 73 as well as track 5, 6, and 7.
  9. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the guitar riff after "I hear the sound of your guitar" is pretty similar to the main riff in Tom Petty's classic Free Fallin. It's just a variation on D chord I believe.
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