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  1. I would say Racing in the Streets, Moonlight Motel, and Kingdom of Days.
  2. At the end of the day, it's as simple as the lyrics were overshadowed synth riff. Personally, I dont like the song lyrically or instrumentally. I feel like the song Devils and Dust, which is also somewhat of an anti-war song, does a better job of getting the message across that he intended and is a better song overall.
  3. Yeah it's definitely my favorite album of his too, but that's despite the self described "over singing" and the exclusion of BTN. I think it would've fit in just fine with the theme of Darkness. It describes a relationship in the unfiltered present. Not looking ahead like in romantic BTR or looking back like in the somewhat reflective The River. Just personal opinion I guess.
  4. Exactly. Steve petitioned for Because the Night to be included on Darkness. As much of a masterpiece that Darkness already is, the inclusion of that song would've made it even better. It could've been one of those career defining songs for him. Instead, he gave it to Patti Smith and most are unaware that he was the original songwriter.
  5. I remember hearing that Little Steven corrected one of the notes in the main guitar riff in Born To Run. If that is the case, Bruce owes his career after Born To Run to Little Steven. If that song didn't hit just right, the entire album could've flopped and he could've been dropped from Columbia.
  6. He could probably get a little somethin for himself if he became a writer.
  7. They had some of the posters from the 2016 tour available for 40 bucks on the official website. I'm not sure if their still available or not. The only other place I'd think to look would be Ebay.
  8. I have a meatloaf album where he does the entire BOOH album live with an orchestra. It's pretty good, but I prefer the original recording. I'd be against it, but it would make the most sense to play the entire BTR album with an orchestra as those songs are in the epic rock opera style that would lend itself to an orchestra. I definitely dont want to hear Ramrod or Darlington County with an orchestra.
  9. There are a ton of songs that deserve to get more play. For whatever reason, I feel like all of the war horses from the Rising (Lonesome Day, Sunny Day, Mary's Place, and The Rising) should be retired for a while. They have been regulars at E Street shows for almost 20 years now. That would free up some space for less frequently played, but great songs like Downbound Train, Gypsy Biker, Streets of Fire, Kingdom of Days, If Wish I Was Blind...
  10. One of my favorite moments in any Bruce song is in The Promised Land where they go from the guitar solo, to the sax solo, and then harmonica comes in with the opening riff before the 3rd verse.
  11. Who knows. Anything from "the vault" should be a solid release. However, he may surprise us all, and it very well could end up being a Springsteen on Broadway show with no audience with an alternate ending that he was keeping sealed in "the vault". Lol
  12. The way he said it makes me feel like its Tacks 2 as opposed to a BITUSA box. He said something like they have been working on material from the vault for a release in the fall, which kinda hints more toward a general collection of tracks as opposed to revisiting a certain period in the band's history in my opinion. Pure speculation. Also, at this point why not wait until 2024 for the BITUSA box for the 40 year mark.
  13. This is a major downer. I get that this is exciting for a subset of his fanbase and people looking to go to a Broadway show, but its not my cup of tea.
  14. Same here. There is so much great material to tour behind with WS and LTY. I know WS is a solo album, but I bet they will have EStreet arrangements for select songs off that record. Moonlight, Sleepy Joe's, and Tuscon would translate well.
  15. The way I see it, I dont see why they couldnt at least schedule a US leg at this point.
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