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  1. 1984 by Van Halen is very radio friendly. It is the last album with frontman David Lee Roth before Sammy Hagar took over and also features multiple synthesizer songs including Jump and I'll Wait.
  2. What about You Mean So Much to Me left off Greetings or WIESS... it could have been a hit single in my opinion.
  3. Actually he did sit atop Billy Joel's piano on 7/18/18 at MSG while they sang 10th Avenue. I dont know if that counts or not because he never came to a standing position...
  4. I dont see how show wrestling is the opposite of Bruce. I mean each wrestler creates their own personna that they want to portray to the audience like Bruce. Bruce has described his shows as a sort of magic trick. The same could be said for pro wrestling when a small, diminutive wrestler defeats a much larger opponent but makes it look believable.
  5. My favorite "outro" of any song I've ever heard. With Bruce's tele taking the melody and then C's sax kicks in for the final punch.
  6. Racing in the Streets would almost have to be influenced by a movie since he has admitted to having no experience doing so first hand...
  7. I heard somewhere on here Harry's Place was inspired by and written for The Sopranos.
  8. I believe he wrote a song about making a TV Movie, but I don't know who the star of that movie would be...
  9. How anyone can leave Magic out of their top 10 is beyond me...