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  1. My how awesome to be on the on the Outer Banks of NC.
  2. He was a good down to earth guy...He played golf at our club once when he was in town to play a festival...Acted like he’s known you all his life....RIP
  3. If you get a chance to catch Matthew McConaughey’s guest DJ show, it’s really good...Enjoying the live stuff and the full shows as well.
  4. U2 Channel on SiriusXM started today on channel 32....Enjoy.
  5. Here’s one for you @Jimmy James Enjoy!
  6. Time is for all these selected cities along an infamous stretch of highway......
  7. Here’s a link to a pretty good starter list Jimmy....RS did this a couple of years ago...They have so many shows it’s hard to narrow it down...For a more recent show I highly recommend the Charlottesville Va show from the Lightning Bolt tour on 10/29/13...35 song set and many even bigger PJ fans than me said it was a top 5 show....I was there and in the pit...Awesome night.
  8. 2 great nights and 2 fantastic shows....Glad I was there for both ....Saw so many Bruce buds and met some new ones at the GL party at Mustang Harry’s.