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  1. Baltimore is the hardest ticket on this leg for Pearl Jam...It’s the first US date, the day after the new album is released, and one of only three Saturday shows....And it is also the smallest venue they will play by far....Between the Ten Club and Verified Fan presale , the show was basically sold out before the public on sale yesterday.
  2. Good luck....Baltimore and MSG tix went in nano seconds this morning.
  3. Starting tomorrow....RUSH tribute channel will continue through February on SiriusXM channel 717 .
  4. Yes...Pretty good stuff....Looking forward to hearing the rest of the tracks.
  5. Pearl Jam will be using the SafeTix system by Ticketmaster for this tour....I'm sure when Bruce tours it will be used as well....Should be interesting....The bar-code on your mobile ticket will refresh and change every few seconds so it cannot be copied and to reduce scalping.
  6. I’m so glad I got to see them one final time on the R40 tour.....All such incredible musicians.
  7. Bryan Adams is opening for Bon Jovi on the majority of the upcoming summer tour.
  8. Yes Have you ever caught a foul ball at a baseball game?
  9. Bruce is there.....Sound-checked with Joe G.