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  1. To show support for his recovery...Just a thought...Don’t have a meltdown over it....Carry on.
  2. You know I haven’t always been a big Tiger fan...He was an asshat more than once when he was younger but as he got older and mellowed a bit after almost ruining his career I found myself pulling for him. I guess what bothered me the most about Tiger was that if he missed a cut, had a horrible round, or sometimes not even be playing at all he was the headline when golf was on tv no matter what...It was all about what Tiger did or didn’t do...The young kid- the up and coming player-that just shot the round of their life was lost in the Tiger drama. I love golf.... I love to see these y
  3. ESPN reporting he has multiple leg injuries and is in surgery.
  4. Going to be a victory party in SoBo very soon @burghfan.
  5. If we could only make a free throw lol Carolina shoots 61% from the floor but continues its dismal FT shooting today at 31%. And Dook pulled one out their rear end tonight vs UVA.
  6. Lol I honestly didn’t see yours...Wow.
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