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  1. I'll take the Magic tour over anything else mentioned...That was just an incredibly fun tour and fun time in Bruce world...The sets were great and I got to see so many friends...Those first 2 shows in Philly (3rd and 4th shows of the tour I think) at the Wells Fargo Center were times I'll never forget, not just for Bruce and the shows, but for the huge tailgate we had in the parking lot!...There are pics somewhere.
  2. Is this just another day, this God forgotten place? First comes love, then comes pain let the games begin, Questions rise and answers fall, insurmountable Love boat captain Take the reigns and steer us towards the clear, here It's already been sung, but it can't be said enough All you need is love Is this just another phase, earthquakes making waves, Trying to shake the cancer off, stupid human beings, Once you hold the hand of love, it's all surmountable Hold me, and make it the truth, That when all is lost there will be you, 'Cause to the universe I don't mean a thing And there's just one word I still believe And it's love It's an art to live with pain, mix the light into grey, Lost nine friends we'll never know, two years ago today And if our lives became too long, would it add to our regret? And the young, they can lose hope 'cause they can't see beyond today, The wisdom that the old can't give away Hey, Constant recoil, sometimes life Don't leave you alone Hold me, and make it the truth, That when all is lost there will be you 'Cause to the universe I don't mean a thing And there's just one word that I still believe and it's Love, love love love love Love boat captain take the reigns Steer us towards the clear I know it's already been sung, can't be said enough Love is all you need, all you need is love, Love, love
  4. Great show...Was on the rail that night.
  5. The day John Lennon meets Paul McCartney
  6. my daughter is getting married on Saturday.
  7. If it's just U2 they want to see, in the eastern time zone they take the stage a few minutes before 9 and the show ends just a few minutes past 11....Just over a 2 hour total show.
  8. Awesome gesture to do this for your friend. If I were getting seats I would get a lower level seat about even with the "tree stage" that extends out from the main stage....This is where the show begins and they do return there at times during the show.....Also the screen is so huge that if you were sitting back from it just a bit you'd get the full effect.....The soundboard for the show is huge and looks as big as a small two story building so anywhere behind that would be a no for me....Hope this helps and I hope your friends have an incredible experience.
  9. The Greasylake delegation has arrived and is present in Derby City USA.
  10. My daughter is getting married next Saturday and she has selected When You Need Me as her father/daughter dance...I couldn't be more proud.
  11. Congrats to Mr. Lofgren.
  12. My Fathers House