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  1. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Au contraire my friend. very special show with guest guitarist on Working on yhe Highway. Aa real rarity.
  2. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    I spoke to someone who knows the aunt of a guy whose ex-wife's stepson works at nugs.net and confirms it will be 12 April 2000 in Nashville.
  3. North Carolina Votes to "Protect" Drivers Who Hit Protestors North Carolina continues the state's attempt to return to ante-bellum status.
  4. Charlottesville, VA is Being Desecrated Today

    Todd - there was one time I would have considered you smart and friend; now now I know you are just to disengenuos and and not nearly as smart as I once thought. Your complete overraction to the Greensboro cancellation though really opend my eyes to how small, petty, and focused only on your own interests as a stright white man you really are. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, was a self-trained scientist and philisopher, our first Secretary of State and the third President of the United States. He owned slaves as was common at the time; he almost certainly sexually assaulted female slaves. His legacy is sullied, but not defined by his slave ownership. Monticello (and Mount Vernon) are historical sihgts that exist to expalin, not vernerate history. Both places go into detailed discussions of the history of slavey on them as slave plantations. Robert E. Lee was a middleing general who would have been just another General Officer on the historical rosters of the U.S. Army until he chose to violate his oath to protect and defend the Constiiution and lead an Army in Rebellion against the U.S. Governement and the Constiution; the raison d'etere for secession was soley over the issue of slavery, human bondage, the ecoomic engine of the South. His history is defined by that. Moreover, one has to look at the history of monuments to Confederate leaders themselves. They were installed largely around the time Jim Crow laws were being institued to ensure black people remained second class citizens; the purpose of these monuments and memorials was inteneded to celebrate the history of men who fought to ensure a large part of the citizens were kept "in their place." The purposes of places like Monticello, and it's presentation versus monuments to Confederate Generals are completely different. Finally you, as a North Carlolinian, if you want any credibility as being opposed to the torch bearers and militias acting like they were patrolling Falluja, should be particualary cautious. You live in a state that has spent the last few years specifically tyring to ensure they underepresented have been kept "in their place" with the so called "bathroom bill not even being the most egregious. Your mostly white, male, legistlature sent specific questions to the registrar of votes and asked for a detailed list of things that made acquiring ID and voting the most difficult for minorities, particualary the elderly and the passed a bill ensuring the those difficulties were enshrined into statue with a Federal judge commenting on the surgicial precision with which those rules were implemented to make it even more difficult for them to vote. Of course there was the completely undemcratic action of the North Carolina legisture and the lame-duck governor to restrcit the power and authority of the incoming governor who had just been elected by the people of North Carolina. No one wants to erase the history, we just want it in proper context - the Confederacy was treason in the name of slavery and deserves not to me meorialized or made a monumnet too.
  5. Charlottesville, VA is Being Desecrated Today

    Look Todd Robert E Lee committed treason - Thomas Jefferson did not. Your contined defense of people who have committed treason is intellectually and historically ridiculous. ETA and I will tell you where it stops - when cities don't have memorials and monuments to the leaders of a movement of treason; a movement with the specific goal of keeping people enslaved are regulated to museums and history books and the Confederacy is placed in it's proper historical context and not glamourized.
  6. Charlottesville, VA is Being Desecrated Today

    Remeber @Swamps_Of_Jersey (1) cites the Daily Stormer as a credible source; (2) is worried about whether counter protestors filed the correct paperwork; (3) is critical of a small town police force that did not have the tac teams a city like NYC or LA would have. Ignores the problem wht Nazis and Confederates were demonstrating to support white supremacy.
  7. Charlottesville, VA is Being Desecrated Today

    The hot link to to Daily Stormer should be made cold for our collective security. @RummagingBedouin @JudgeBrown @judyg @PrettyRedRose @Swamps_Of_Jersey I don't really know what to say - you have trafficed in some nutty stuff, citing the Daily Stormer as a credibile source for anything demonstrates a complete lack of critical thinking skills and judgment. I am sure that is somehow "impolite" or what have we - but the idea that one would even give them anything other than a complete dismissal gives you less than zero credibility. @bbb the idea there is any equivalence is simply false. The Nazi/Conferdates came with torches and amred milita to support white supermancy and provoke a confrontation. This isn't about the media making a mountian out of a motle hill - this is about evil people trying to insert themselves at teh top of the pyramid.
  8. Honestly I don't even know where to beging . . . Trump Thanks Putin for Expelling Diplomats
  9. I can't even begitn to discuss how offensive this - Remember when concervative Republicans respected the military - so far we have seen the Khan family relentlessly attacked, John MaCain's service attacked by the President, Bob Mueller's partriosims trashed, and now HR McMaster - if you thionk HR McMaster is the problem and that Trump and all the others know more or are more interestedin servied to the nation - you are nuts.
  10. 2020 candidates

    I hope she wins and then asks McConell why he never answered her letter. After giving money to Matt Blunt in Missouri - I swore I would never give money to a pol again but I have given money to the Iron Stache and will probabbly give her money.
  11. His Name Is Seth Rich

    Dear lord - the Seth Rich murder tying it to HRC and the DNC is the definition of fake news. You continue to push silly debunked BS - from Jade Helm to this - somehow HRC is the biggest mastermind criminal maybe ever - somehow the FSB hacking the DNC seems remote? Rididuclous.
  12. You never know.

    Wow - scary stuff - get well soon @Pastor Jeff
  13. Yeah - I'm just scare I will get killed for no reason at all - probably right after I vomited all over a stranger. Give give me a UH-60 flying napp of the earth and rapelling onto a building any day . . .
  14. Trump Tweets

    And almost ironically he is wrong about it's origin as President Jefferson never served in the Senate.
  15. Trump Tweets

    There is a strike team of 8th Grade Civics teachers getting ready to come to DC for some remedial instruction.