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  1. I am old enough to remember when GreasyLake was a Bruce Springsteen fan site.
  2. I don’t think he cared who won per se - but he was not going to let a woman, a black woman at that talk to him like that. - that is clear. A man would never have had that done .
  3. Nonsense. It was a racist sexist judge who could not handle being talked to like that by a woman - he made it about him and two women were sidelined. She stood up for herself and then directed the attention at the end to Osaka - where it should have been.
  4. Of course he doesn't - WTF? So what is your point?
  5. The money that he did not pay in taxes? Did you read his book? Bruce had a sizable taxbill due in the late 70s or early 80s because he had not properly reported his income. Are you suggesting he has been engaging in tax evasion since then? What is your evidence?
  6. I love how unapologetic Bruce is about his succes.
  7. Interestingly enough that is the only guitar that has the Petillo pick ups - he has been using Barden's on everything else.
  8. I know at one point the guitar was on loan to the Rock -n-Roll HOF - I am not sure there has been a definitive retirement but it certainly does not come out as frequently as it once - did - When Phil Petillo was alive he did most of the work on other his other guitars to make them similar, but he has been gone a few years and I don't know if his son has kept it up - of course with the number of Tele's he has in rotation I am not sure there is a huge need for new guitars - and I know Kevin does a good deal of work on them - keeping them all tuned in specific ways.
  9. Journey’s End Great review of this movie. I am looking forward to seeing it.