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  1. Interestingly enough that is the only guitar that has the Petillo pick ups - he has been using Barden's on everything else.
  2. I know at one point the guitar was on loan to the Rock -n-Roll HOF - I am not sure there has been a definitive retirement but it certainly does not come out as frequently as it once - did - When Phil Petillo was alive he did most of the work on other his other guitars to make them similar, but he has been gone a few years and I don't know if his son has kept it up - of course with the number of Tele's he has in rotation I am not sure there is a huge need for new guitars - and I know Kevin does a good deal of work on them - keeping them all tuned in specific ways.
  3. 53 Esquire

    Journey’s End

    Wheel in the Sky Keeps On Turnin’
  4. Journey’s End Great review of this movie. I am looking forward to seeing it.
  5. We all know @the calvary thinks Bruce is Trumpian.
  6. And apparently GL has not institutional memory. Disgusting.
  7. It's an apples and oranges comparison - from how the shows are contracted for, tour cities picked, and the support contracted for. There is simply no comparison.
  8. Profitering on Broadway? Serioulsy? I know many people think these prices are crazy, and I get it. $850 for a seat is expensive for a two hour show. That said your accusations and those of others on this board are baseless and without merit. There is no evidence Bruce is a "profiter" and the comparison others have used to the "banksters" who caused the financial collapse in 2008 - here's my TL/DR - shut the fuck up. Who are you? Do you know all the contracts involved? Between Bruce and the theater? Between Bruce and the unions? Between Bruce and the all of the employess of Springsteen, Inc? No you don't - because if you did you would be violating every business and legal ethic by talking about them in public. So the truth is you have no idea what Springsteen, Inc's costs are related to this - or what Bruce does with his money. You have identified yourself as member here, so any one who wants to come along and complain that I used your real name should direct themselves to you. If you are a Springsteen fan of any time then you have had the chance to see him make money and numerous donations he has made over the last 40 years to people. Why are you trying to throw Bruce under the bus as a "banksters" after 40 years of good work when you have not actual evidence of him compltely changing who he is? Is this a hard show to attend? Sure of course it is - small venue in one city. We, as a fan base, have aksed him for more, more, more - more tours, he delivers, an autobiography, he delivers, now a show on Broadway - where he will read from his most intimate stories; he will play songs and get into his writing and feelings. And yet it is still not enough. Hoenstly it's pathetic, people want to do nothing but take from him - you all don't know what this is costing, you don't know what else he is doing and yet you are willing to assume the worst even though there is no reason to actually support it - rather you merely channel your disappointment in not seeing the show as some sort of betrayl. Pathetic.
  9. 53 Esquire

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Au contraire my friend. very special show with guest guitarist on Working on yhe Highway. Aa real rarity.
  10. 53 Esquire

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    I spoke to someone who knows the aunt of a guy whose ex-wife's stepson works at nugs.net and confirms it will be 12 April 2000 in Nashville.
  11. In the cinematic realm James Bond is to me what Bruce is in the muscial world. I love the franchise. Like Bruce it is has had it's ups and downs for a variety of reasons, but in big picture it is simply fantastic entertainment. Roger Moore was the first Bond I saw in the theater, it was Moonraker, and although I would later look back on it as not a particularly great film - it still enthralled me as an 11 year old. To me Daniel Craig would embody the character Ian Fleming wrote, but Roger Moore was where it started for me. RIP Mr. Bond