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  1. Only he and Elvis could pull off mutton chops. Am I right?
  2. Oh that’s sad. Wasn’t part of that just renovated and made into a cafe?
  3. I’d love to see Tiger and Phil tomorrow just like the old days!
  4. And after he read it said “what the bejezes! Get me to The Meadowlands now!”
  5. I’ll add one of my favorites of anything at Langosta Lounge in AP, with a Bloody Mary. RJM Van Holden’s sweet shop in Seaside Heights is another!
  6. Was Rochester where he uttered those immortal words to you, “I gotta go”?
  7. Thank you Rick. I like Pete’s versions better. Although the Seeger Sessions was a great tour, I don’t like Bruce’s vocals on this one.
  8. Peter Seeger’s “Hobo Lullaby” is a bittersweet train song.
  9. Great thread Marilla! I move “in some fashion” every time I hear many of Bruce’s songs. “The point”, the “faith will be rewarded arm raising”, the “guitar slung low, wide-legged stance and stare” (to usually no one ); and, of course, the wail on Something in the Night. Part of Bruce’s genius is he finds a way to bring out the beauty and dignity in most of us.