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  1. Ugh, wholeheartedly agree BT and RJM. As far as Bruce’s height, I’d say he’s 5’ 8” but his feet are “huge”!
  2. Rachel, whatever you wear, we know you will do us proud BUT if it’s chilly, a TOL sweatshirt would do nicely...
  3. I don’t know but I would hope you could just walk in and buy one give them a call (732) 462-1466
  4. I’d say a good hour at least in order to read everything. 10 minutes for a casual fan!
  5. Go, go, go. It’s a must see. Spoiler alert: First stop: Tinker West’s Truck.
  6. Tonight is the last episode and it’s been very informative and fun to watch. Ken Burns has once again hit it out of the park!
  7. So looking forward to seeing you again Rachel on your 22nd and seeing the Bruce exhibit! C’mon RJM! See ya Sunday! Edit: your gif was filmed in My Hometown!