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  1. Did you watch the video? You’re mistaken.
  2. Good to hear! I had a test yesterday. Headache. Fever on Sunday. Stomach gurgling. Feeling better and fingers crossed.
  3. I was at the 6-24-93 show and had almost forgotten was at MSG two days later. Too many in the crowd booed Terence Trent D’arby
  4. Ah thanks. My memory is shot! I do remember his story about his Mom taking he and his sister to see Chubby Checker.
  5. Boardwalk Hall was so fun! The Beatles Tell Me Why Opener was great.
  6. I signed the banner and was at 2 shows. The 17th and 30th. I remember youngster David, who I think is in that photo!
  7. One would think I round too WS but nay nay, these 3 are my youth and oh so soulful! ❤️❤️
  8. I was there too! I’ve got to find my stub and post it sideways too!
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