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  1. The line in there about Javeed’s peers saying Bruce’s glory days are over is priceless. I wonder where the school DJ is now!
  2. Is this THE balloon man? The legendary GL balloon man? I did not read your post as I’m not going to see BBTL until Friday.
  3. My fanny could have been in a seat there tonight with RJM but, alas, the drive to NJ and back is still too much for my new hip!
  4. I liked the first version of the song but now love it with the addition of the strings and backing vocals. I won’t be seeing the film until August 16th so decided to purchase this today!
  5. She’s got the only accessory she or anyone of us fans would ever need right by her side!
  6. Like many old large cities there are row houses in Jersey City and others with just an alleyway separating houses for blocks, not to mention skyscrapers. Good luck Sam!
  7. I’m from nearby the area formally known as the Swamps, just a few miles east of the stadium. Not far from RJM!!
  8. 1978/79 with my girlfriends singing BTR at the top of our lungs or driving in Hudson County NJ in my friends Camaro Berlinetta T top blasting BTR? Bring it on once again!