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  1. I can’t add anything other than I love this release! The soaring strings and the horns. He’s in fine voice and the lyrics on Hitch Hikin’, The Wayfarer, Somewhere North of Nashville, Western Stars and Moonlight Motel are so descriptive and wise. Love it!
  2. I have so loved reading these pages since June 14th while I nurse my new hip replacement and will shortly load my CD for at least 2 full hearings! So many great posts Laker family! Now, onto Western Stars! BRUCE!!!!
  3. Well if you don’t wear that prairie look Daisey...
  4. Jersey Girl Carly Lloyd 2 goals so far!!
  5. Thunder Road - July 9, 1981 I felt like I was in heaven!
  6. Congratulations to the winner! Great stuff and thanks to all of you! Keep singing
  7. I’m really liking this one too. The strings and horns, nice! Can’t wait to listen straight through.
  8. Great job everyone. There’s some real talent here is right JF!
  9. Another great shot by Danny Clinch.
  10. I had not weighed in on the thread BD but it’s growin’ on me! And really, new Bruce is a win for us all!
  11. Omg that is hysterical and laugh out loud!