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  1. Just this morning driving to work. Sirius XM was playing Growin' Up from July, 1978 in California and his parents were in the audience and he was talking to them and ended with "well you both are going to have to settle for rock and roll". Tears. Thankfully mascara is waterproof.
  2. Not even 35 seconds in and tears for how beautiful and hopeful this is during this sad time in the world.
  3. September is called local summer for those that live on the shore. All the crowds are gone and people can come and go as they please. Lucky lady!
  4. That is a photo from the first run of Springsteen on Broadway. Please do try to keep up.
  5. I feel for you ENJ! 49, times, 51 if you count SOB and every one of them treasured memories of awesome shows and good friends! I did miss out on the Ghost of Tom Joad Tour, could not get a ticket, switched jobs and had to keep a tight hold on my money.
  6. This must have been the night poor Anne Murray was mercilessly booed. I still love Snowbird!
  7. Yes, Leggetts is still there. Never heard that about Kitty, interesting.
  8. It’s not far from the Osprey, where he said he had his first drink
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