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  1. Great story! Those were good times and I met many Lakers that tour! Signed the banner at a tailgate at Giants Stadium night 3 or 4, can’t remember. Also met nice peeps through the “ticketmonster” site LiveDaily.
  2. I've seen the top 3 riders compete but not sure if I've seen the top 3 horses...
  3. NJ/NY well represented with Jessica and the Hudson Valley’s McLain Ward.
  4. Hmm, I don’t see that you posted in the ticket seller forum...
  5. He probably did since the first show proceeds were going to charities
  6. I treasure the memory of my two shows. Especially the first one when I looked across the aisle through my tears and heard sniffling from Kevin Bacon.
  7. It sounds crazy to me as well, especially since many here are deceitful about whether or not they’ve been vaccinated. Showing an AZ card should be sufficient. Smh
  8. It is the perfect song in my opinion, especially as I age.
  9. And some southern areas of the I-95 corridor
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