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  1. I treasure the memory of my two shows. Especially the first one when I looked across the aisle through my tears and heard sniffling from Kevin Bacon.
  2. It sounds crazy to me as well, especially since many here are deceitful about whether or not they’ve been vaccinated. Showing an AZ card should be sufficient. Smh
  3. It is the perfect song in my opinion, especially as I age.
  4. And some southern areas of the I-95 corridor
  5. Springsteen on Broadway will be the first performance on the great white way. Once again our ambassador of rock ‘n’ roll, soul and general all around humanitarian, makes this American proud.
  6. July 13 through 17 - working 5 days that week. I thought he didn’t like it...
  7. I made it to Marsha’s bench, smiled and said a prayer. No tears, as it was the most beautiful morning, and I knew she was at peace and smiling down on her beloved Asbury Park.
  8. It's more than okay, and totally fine, just as long as you smile after. Rachel, anytime in AP, just let me know!
  9. Marsha is watching over her Ray and you Rachel! I'm convinced! I'll be down there next weekend and hope I don't start to cry when I see it...
  10. Great thread! Not chasing anymore but looking forward to it all over again! Is there anybody alive out there???
  11. Thank you for posting that Rachel, I'm smiling through tears.
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