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  1. Great read RJM! Count me as one of the 99% that did not hear “back, back” until now.
  2. I was about 11 and remember most of them as well and listened on my Panasonic Loop radio on WABC 77!
  3. OMG! Was there, can’t remember which night but there was a snowstorm, and it’s was freaking amazing, especially Sam Moore and None But the Brave!
  4. Oh, I didn't know she made the team! Thanks for the info.
  5. And Ron Aniello’s “thrill” button Instagram post!
  6. That was the only thing I can say I like about the film, the amazing landscapes. Too weird for my taste.
  7. I finished watching the movie today. If I had to choose my favorite performance it would be Pesci. Wonderfully acted. I’ll never get over the violence in a Scorsese movie, I’m always gasping and then putting my hand over my mouth.
  8. Thank you Karsten! I thought it was just one more wall put up at my office.
  9. In honor of Western Stars I say tequila shots are in order?
  10. Just returned home from seeing Western Stars for the second time. Tuesday matinee for $5, and in a reclining seat no less! Only 8 of us in the theatre but all stayed after the credits. Highlights this time around (and again) all of it but especially the narration leading up to and Moonlight Motel! We love you too Bruce!
  11. Thanks RJM, Bruce looks good! Loving me some Bobby B too!