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  1. Not two weeks ago, Marsha shared some of her videos with me of her class in 2013 exercising and dancing to Seaside Bar Song and, of course, Rosie. The kids were having a ball and she was laughing in the background - priceless.
  2. She was the last of the card senders, our Marsha. I have 2 magnets on my fridge Bruuuuuuuce and a Jersey Girl. I miss her ♥️
  3. Rachel you touched her life as well, and that is what it’s all about.
  4. Rachel and others here have said it all. Marsha was the most giving person I ever met in my life and she will be so missed by many. I'll never forget walking to the record store in Asbury with her and Rachel and pointing out Bond Street, brunch at Marsha's after Rachel's 21st Birthday and "the" guitar pick, and the joyful look Marsha had having all the Bruce love in her house with her old and new friends. Why, why, is good question. She had a deep faith in God. She had. So very sad for all and hugs to you Rachel.
  5. Loved Leggetts andThe Osprey in Manasquan!
  6. Did you watch the video? You’re mistaken.
  7. Good to hear! I had a test yesterday. Headache. Fever on Sunday. Stomach gurgling. Feeling better and fingers crossed.
  8. I was at the 6-24-93 show and had almost forgotten was at MSG two days later. Too many in the crowd booed Terence Trent D’arby
  9. Ah thanks. My memory is shot! I do remember his story about his Mom taking he and his sister to see Chubby Checker.
  10. Boardwalk Hall was so fun! The Beatles Tell Me Why Opener was great.
  11. I signed the banner and was at 2 shows. The 17th and 30th. I remember youngster David, who I think is in that photo!
  12. One would think I round too WS but nay nay, these 3 are my youth and oh so soulful! ❤️❤️
  13. I was there too! I’ve got to find my stub and post it sideways too!
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