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  1. Yes. We have to leave it at that but if you listened to what he was saying, it's a terrible tale as old as time here, oh say since about the year 1619.
  2. Yes while sipping whiskey dude! They didn’t like the vocals? That was the old refrain back in the day. What do they know?
  3. Yes? I’ve been here at the Lake nearly 19 years so please forgive me if I’ve forgotten?
  4. Was there the last night! The Indoor firecrackers were a bit scary but otherwise a brilliant show!
  5. I’d love Bruce to do a live stream but we’d break the internet.
  6. Watched this today HBO on demand! Still love this movie!
  7. I’ve watched SOB quite a few times and don’t remember as much swearing my first show compared to the second one a year later but I could be wrong. Being only 4 rows away the first show it was like an out of body experience!
  8. I just forwarded this to family and friends and received the most wonderful responses! Thanks BD!
  9. Loved Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town! RIP.
  10. Grey hair, classic peacoat. He rocks any look, except for that very brief bolo tie period in the 80’s!
  11. I remember seeing that back in the day but just now see the star is right in the general vicinity of my hometown! Thanks for resurrecting it! Carry on...
  12. Maybe. Specifically, I"m referring to MTV "Un"plugged.
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