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  1. Anyone ever touched Bruce?

    In 2003 in Austin, I was in the front of the pit, he stood in front of me while playing BTR. I put a hand on each of his boots. He grinned down at me and told me he liked my hat. Fast forward to 2014. Houston. I'm a short person and I was reaching up to try to touch his guitar during BTR. I was reaching up surrounded by a sea of arms. He looked at me-we locked eyes- and both started giggling. He grabbed both of my hands/ arms. I mean he let go of THE GUITAR for a few seconds. Shortly (ha) after that, he asked me to dance. My face still hurts from smiling so much.
  2. Tour extended through August?

    Crossing fingers and toes that this is true! Burning incense and lighting candles and doing gypsy dances, too. I'm retiring in May and will celebrate with a LOOOONG road trip if more shows are added.
  3. For some reason his "Stand on It" is stuck in my head. Circa '84. I must need a road trip. Lol!