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  1. I read the article in Aftonbladet at work yesterday, and I’m pretty sure he said that he wasn’t going to play songs from Western Stars on the next tour. But hopefully the reporter misunderstood him. I can’t check today, because the article is locked behind a pay wall. Personally, I think that whatever he’s said, he might play a Western Stars song or two. On request or as a solo acoustic at the end of a show.
  2. There’s an interview with Bruce in a Swedish newspaper, where he says that yes, they are going to record an album and yes, they are going on tour. And asked if he’s coming to Sweden he says yes. Stockholm or Gothenburg, it doesn’t matter which city. ”Stockholm is a beautiful city”. This interview was made in London a couple of days ago. He also says that they are not going to play the Western Stars songs on the upcoming tour. ”That’s why I made the film”. It looks like the Ullevi rumour is based on the news that the stadium is available around Midsummer 2020. I’m holding all my thumbs and toes, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
  3. Wow, what an honour! I can hear the cheers across Europe, over the oceans and distant continents.Thank you!
  4. Wow.wow.wow. Nicky I mean errrrr Daisey, your brilliant radio show is dedicated to me! And what a dream show! You are a born entertainer. My retirement couldn’t have started better. I’m stunned, amazed, infinitely honoured. Thank you!
  5. It’s your birthday, @Daisey Jeep! I hope the coming year will bring a lot of good things to your life. Like maybe a Bruce show or two in your beautiful country? Lots of love from Sweden.
  6. So do I! Thank you Berlintramp. I bought the digital version, so I have it on iTunes, but I’ve only managed to listen to it once. I do want a cd to play in my car. And then go for a long drive. On my own. I need to be alone when I listen to Bruce.
  7. Now that’s an interesting theory! I might need to go and get my copy at the harbour when the slow boat arrives.
  8. My husband ordered a copy for me almost three weeks ago, and it hasn’t arrived yet. So it’s slacking, yes.
  9. Happy birthday from Sweden Karsten! And thank you for everything you do.
  10. @rachelharms! Thank you so much for your review.. And @rosiejaneymary! What a great surprise. Congratulations to you both, I'm so happy for you! I woke up at 4:30, and checked my mobile for news- and there it was - an excited and surprised Stan Goldstein writing a long piece from the screening event. No more sleeping now. I'm green with envy. Well....the next best thing to being there myself is knowing that my friends had this amazing experience. Wow. Just wow.
  11. Oh my dear friend @berlintramp thank you for thinking about me!Yes, @rosiejaneymary is right. I miss you all a lot. But it’s hard to find the time for social media at the moment. Family- and job- needs too much attention. No worries, I just need more than my two hands right now. I’ll be back. And yes, I’ve heard the single. I love it and I’m super excited for the album! Love you all!
  12. Thank you for everything you do, Greasy Lake! This place has been a constant inspiration in my life for the last six years. Sharing music and videos, - set list watching at 3 AM!- all the concerts, travels, connections to distant places in the world. And most importantly: some people I’ve met here who have become dear and close friends. Sorry for the delay. Donation done.
  13. Thanks! I found it on the wall at the champagne maker Philipponat’s house.(Found some lovely champagne too)