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  1. Don't hold back there, Tom. Just say it straight and quit beating around the bush Seriously! Makes me cringe inside! I can't hear the recorded version now without thinking of it either! haha!
  2. I never, ever, ever ever want to hear a child sing a line of Waiting On A Sunny Day ever again. It makes me want to puke.
  3. predictions: Shackled Waiting The Rising LOHAD BITUSA DITD Twist And Shout We Are Alive Thunder Road
  4. Quite a lot of repeated songs tonight from last night. Surprised by that. Sure it will be a Born To Run show......
  5. Same. Nice to meet you by the way Sue! (never did get that photo of my hand on the barrier!)
  6. If people see me- say hi! I'll be on my own, wearing a red and black checked shirt (probably!) Be nice to say hello to people!
  7. I'm astonished the queue has started already! I thought I had little to do with my time at the moment, but that is seriously incredible! keep us updated on how it's going!
  8. Ah- you're no distance there at all. Seriously, no need to worry about getting around Leeds like that. The hotel you're in is opposite the train station, about 5 mins (at a slow pace!) walk from the Arena. The Arena is also well signposted now, so that's easy too! No need for taxis at all. In terms of the aftershow- again, no distance at all. In fact, you'll walk past Tiger Tiger on the way back from the Arena to the hotel. Safety wise- absolutely nothing to worry about whatsoever. You're in the centre of town all the way, loads of people around, and it's very safe. To be honest, I'd say the centre of Leeds was fairly safe altogether. It's always so heavily populated and light. A few drunks knocking around sometimes, but then that's the same wherever you go! You're totally well set up where you are- all easy walking distance, all safe, no need for taxis. Enjoy!
  9. I don't think it's the 'sensible thing to do' buying tickets from touts and ebay. With the prices some of these tickets are going for, and the fact the tickets look very basic, the scope for forgeries and copies is massive. I know people who have been duped like this with tickets for other events far less in demand than this.
  10. Shameful. I have written many letters of complaint to various people about this- including the Leeds Arena themselves- whose attitude to the whole thing is just belligerent. I sent them a message via their facebook account asking how they intended to deal with the issue, and was barred from their facebook page as a result! I noticed Iron Maiden taking new measures to keep touts out for their two forthcoming 02 shows- photo id needed to pick up the tickets etc. Makes sense to me. Anyway, I started this petition when the tickets went on sale- still open at the moment, please feel free to sign. I'll close it just before the gig and send it on. http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/bruce-springsteen-and-jon-landau-management-look-into-why-fans-are-denied-ticket-access-as-at-the-leeds-arena-show-2
  11. I'd love to see the ticket market regulated to avoid things like this. I firmly believe it's only a matter of time before it is. As it stands at the moment there are so many ways to rip people off very easily.
  12. I'm here. But I also totally abide to the the rule of 'first come first served'. It's only fair. And I'm quite down that list. if someone above me wants the ticket- I'll take that. I REALLY like the people who use this forum. It seems very genuine. and I hope to share a pint with a few of you soon.
  13. I'm surprised by that. Am I right in thinking that they recorded this album differently to the others- not as a group? Maybe that explains it.
  14. Long Walk Home got an airing in November. But I would agree that the album has been woefully under represented, Cheers. What's the general opinion of it among fans? Does everyone rate it as highly as me? No, sadly. For whatever reason a lot of people don't value it highly. But it's my second or third favorite, depending on the day. Very sad. At Gillette Stadium in August, they played Radio Nowhere and it was the worst Bruce experience I ever had. They totally butchered it. Maybe he'll return to it someday. What did they do to it? Did they change it much?
  15. Long Walk Home got an airing in November. But I would agree that the album has been woefully under represented, Cheers. What's the general opinion of it among fans? Does everyone rate it as highly as me?
  16. When was the last time anything from Magic was played? Personally, it's probably my favourite of his albums....
  17. I tell you what- I'd LOVE to hear him start with Radio Nowhere, if I can manage to get to a show this tour. That would really make my day!
  18. Its so long since I've heard it I've just had to dig out the CD to remind myself how it goes. Personally, I don't even rate it that highly! Sounds very much to me like an 'offcut'......
  19. Just seems strange to open with something so rare. Most shows open with a 'big one' to get people going. I admire the decision though to start with it - it's a bold move!
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