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  1. High Hopes- Strange opener, given the fact I'd bet about 80 per cent of the crowd will never have heard it before....
  2. I'll add my support to getting any tickets I can. I still need one standing for myself, but will get as many as I can if I get the chance and sell them to people on here. Screw the bastards that are trying to rip people off- lowlife. I refuse to ever pay their prices.
  3. Happy to pair up too- if I ever get the chance though, rest assured I'll get as many tickets as I can, with all of them being sold to genuine fans on the forums. Anything to beat the scumbag touts.
  4. I need one too, preferably GA, but adding me to the list it probably pretty pointless I guess. No chance I'm getting in unless I get INCREDIBLY lucky, and given that I tried all the pre-sales and the general sale, I'm not in luck at all at the moment.
  5. For anyone that hasn't seen it, here's the petition I started regarding how tickets seemed to go straight to third-party websites. Please feel free to sign it if you like- it's very easy and doesn't require a log-in or anything like that. http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/bruce-springsteen-and-jon-landau-management-look-into-why-fans-are-denied-ticket-access-as-at-the-leeds-arena-show-2
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