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  1. DryBonesLive

    The Official SoB Lakers' Calendar

    Went to the show last night...after seeing it originally in january. My thoughts are seeing it first time was more emotional.. including tears. But last night was much looser and less perscriptive he seemed to have grown into the show.. So overall a richer experience. I noticed a number of changes in terms of dialogue and structure..and far more deeper and personal information regarding his mother. My conclusion is still all bets are off for next year i think he still needs to be close to home at the moment.
  2. DryBonesLive

    Binge watching Box Sets your top five

    House of cards line of duty Bloodline designated survivor SAFE
  3. I was thinking the same.. Only yesterday... what a review and a decent chap. Tony and myself are returning next week for another show... No thermals hoping for warmer weather.. and bumping into some other Lakers
  4. Along with others the SOB tickets top end seem a little on the high side! There i was looking at the Eagles Wemble stadium show ... and front block tickets are £500!... to sit in the open air... maybe get rained on and probably shocking sound. Or for £664 pounds i coud have a 'hotel california experience' - chicken in a basket a few trinkets a level one box and some free beer... SOB ... is a bargain i never though i would say that
  5. DryBonesLive

    Broadway extended... again

    i agree with the food summary... after visiting in january - but the cheesecake at juniors in time square is fab!!
  6. DryBonesLive

    Find the Song

    Racing in the street... 4 cars of different colours..
  7. Never ever logged onto to it ...Should I ?- Lake and Backstreets only for me.
  8. DryBonesLive

    New Archive: THE ROXY '78

    This may sound funny to members of this forum.... but i don't own any of the live releases.... even though i have been to lots of shows!, but my casettte copy of this in the loft has gone missing..... who remembers cassettes!! So I will have to buy this one one ...
  9. DryBonesLive

    Broadway extended... again

    Missed loads of posts.. and never answered your question.. rosey janey mary.. The best deals we found were british airways great hotels with flights as a package.. Booking separately was very expensive.. Ticket for show were 300$.. there are no bad seats! Hotel costs shared with a bruce buddy.. But excellent 5 star hotel the berkeley with two large double beds.. Always fly mid week and return before saturday.. Sorry for late reply..
  10. DryBonesLive

    Broadway extended... again

    i may get shot down for this... but 'all in trip from the uk -flight,hotel,ticket and spending money for a four day trip..... was around £800 in january...a summer holiday in the uk costs this much and you get an experience of a life time.. there is nothing to compare to this to trust me...... and dare i say it, on this forum it is 'better' than a band show! - a normal tour show is now £125 - and you get to stand in a field with crap sound... or a 12 hour q for the pit.... my tuppence.....
  11. wait list...loser for third time!- altough i have seen the show because of the excellent transfer ticket process... one amigo has got the 11.00 oclock list..
  12. DryBonesLive

    Nothing Else Compares. Nothing.

    U2 and bono certainly.. split the crowd.! I first saw them when they 2nd from bottom on a bill at the lyceum Five bands for 3 quid! They blew me away... Similar to my first Bruce show Brighton centre 81 They then played the marquee the next week and for the first 20 minutes our gang were the only ones there! All 4 of us The first album came out and sold about 30 copies.. and we followed them on their upward spiral Hammersmith odeon, Wembley arena, and eventually.. Wembley stadium We tuned out when the political posturing starting taking over the shows. For what it is worth he is my subjective great live list over 40 years... I will keep it short Michael Jackson- great show Tom waits 1980 The clash 78 Thin Lizzy Sammy Hagar Elvis Costello solo Stray cats marquee club.. And some would be surprised take that ! A brilliant over the top show..
  13. DryBonesLive

    How many tours....

    All UK tours since 81... What about a further question.. Once did 4 shows in 5 days.. 3 Wembley stadium one roundhay park. No way my body could take the pace now..!!! I am sure someone on here has done more back to backs than that
  14. DryBonesLive

    The view from Liverpool...

    great summary... really gets to the heart of what it felt like..
  15. Kay- he did not go to the show! just stood in the pens's outside from 9.30pm.. he figured everyone else was inside!