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  1. We were going to see him at Glastonbury this year where he was supposed to be playing two sets. Unfortunately he cancelled due to illness. We have tickets to see him at Alexandra Palace next year.
  2. I don't know too much about the subject, but I'm not convinced that the artists are happy about secondary resale sites - they just can't do much about it, although some try. Pearl Jam famously took on Ticketmaster way back in 1995: The ticket prices in this article look laughable by today's standards. More recently Ed Sheeran tried to ban secondary sites from his tour: I applaud their efforts, but ultimately it will need government interjection and new laws to final rid ourselves of the scourge of legitimate large scale touting. Not likely to happen with our present government.
  3. Hi Thunder Roadie Agreed that the mess some people leave behind is terrible, but the festival does all it can to prevent this and encourage people to clean up after themselves. I'm not sure you can blame 'the middle class' for this. Glastonbury is probably the most inclusive festival in the world. You will see people from all walks of life and all ages enjoying themselves together. This was my 13th time at the festival (the first was in 1985) and in all that time I don't think I've seen a single incident of violence. Not bad when you consider that there are well over 200,000 people on site. Festivals in general have become more mainstream, but calling Glastonbury 'middle class' is to fall into the lazy myth that our press like to propagate. And, yes, every single scrap of rubbish that we produced found its way to a rubbish bin. In fact much of it came home with us as my wife wanted to make sure it got properly recycled. Sorry for the rant. To bring it back on topic - no steaming River Bruce moment this year, but I still live in hope. One big disappointment is that Sam Fender pulled out through illness. I reckon we might have got a Bruce cover from him.
  4. Apologies for being late to the party, but we just got back from Glastonbury yesterday. We saw The Killers from just to the right of the sound stage and had a great time. I don't know what the crowd was like further back, but around us it was buzzing. It really helps to have the people near you that are fully engaged in the set and not talking and looking at their phones. I agree that they didn't mess around and blasted out the hits one after another - opening with Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine was impressive. This Charming Man into Mr Brightside was genius. The Cure were excellent as well, but in a very different way. We were further back up the field and it was quieter than I've seen it since Metallica, but everyone was enjoying it. I knew about 40% of the songs they played, but the sound was spot on and Robert Smith has a surprisingly good voice. Not jumping up and down music, but an entertaining and interesting last night headline set. Didn't see Stormzy (not my thing) but cudos to Glastonbury for booking him. It looked pretty impressive from the highlights I saw on TV last night. It was packed at The Park for IDLES. My wife left half way through as she wasn't enjoying it, but my daughters and I had a thoroughly fun time. They deliver a powerful message and they do so through quirky and sometimes strange lyrics. What's not to love about a sweaty guitarist crowd surfing dressed in only his underpants. Not sure I'd have wanted to be one of those holding him up though! I don't think we'll ever see Bruce at Glastonbury again, at least not with the E Street Band, although I hold out hopes that he might do a solo acoustic set one day. A great few days with glorious weather although the legs are suffering a bit today.
  5. A masterpiece? I don't know yet. I do know that I really, really like it and only time will tell if that turns into love. I find that there are some albums (by any artist, not just Springsteen) that I play forever and a day, but there are also some albums that I play to death when they first come out and return to rarely after that. I think that Western Stars will be a 'love' album. I'll find out in the next few months.
  6. I may be in the minority, but I'd love Bruce to tour Western Stars with a full orchestra. The depth of sound that this would produce could not be replicated with E Street. Of course, I want an E Street tour next year as well. This may be being a bit greedy, but you gotta aim high!
  7. We went to the Hungry Heart night in Cardiff. There was much dancing and singing aided by consuming considerable amounts of alcohol! I don't know how the new album will affect things - I suspect it will be quieter apart from the already released material, but I think you'll all have a great time when they start playing the old Bruce songs. We certainly had a fun night and have booked for the London show in September.
  8. Going to London tomorrow with my wife. We've never seen Little Steven before, so we're really looking forward to it. First time for us at The Roundhouse as well. I'd never really listened to any of his solo stuff until we decided to get tickets for London and I've found it really growing on me. Looking forward to a great day - except maybe the shopping my wife wants to do (damn that Camden Market) - a few drinks before and dancing like a complete fool at the gig.
  9. There is no phone number. You have to knock three times and mention the secret password.
  10. Sorry BruceWho, I didn't mean to cause you any worry. I just think there will be a few more at the roll calls than people are saying. Not enough to cause a major issue if you only want to get in the pit and are not worried about being on the barrier.
  11. There could be quite a few fans like me. We booked a hotel in Cardiff for the Monday night when the rumours reckoned that would be the night of the show. When it turned out to be the Tuesday, we kept the Monday booking as well as booking for the Tuesday. The last roll call on Monday night might be quite busy if there are others like us and judging by the sold out Mark Wright show, there will be. Kev