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  1. Hey guys, I've been listening to 'Shout' from the September 9th Philly show last year. There's a little snippet that Roy (or at least I assume it's him) plays toward the end of the song (around the 11:10 mark for those who have the download). Does anyone know where that's from originally? Is it a theme from a TV show or movie? Or is it just something random? The same thing is played during the song from Brisbane night 1 this year too. I've looked on Brucebase and haven't been able to find anything. Thanks for the help.
  2. Jackson Cage Lonesome Day Radio Nowhere No Surrender My Love Will Not Let You Down This Depression Point Blank Fade Away Dancing in The Dark ( solo acoustic) Leap of Faith Cover Me What Love Can Do Jole Blon Seeds Homestead Another Thin Line Downbound Train Atlantic City The Rising Light of Day ENCORE Girls in Their Summer Clothes (acoustic) Janey, Don’t You Loose Heart Born To Run American Land Held Up Without A Gun Working on The Highway Tenth Avenue Freeze Out Cadillac Ranch (w/ Band intros and a few false endings)
  3. Excellent thread idea! Been digging this a lot lately....
  4. Thanks JJ. This is going to be a great series. Hard to believe we made it this far considering Kershaw missed extended time, our starting rotation has been a mess and our bats were cold for a large portion of the season. Whatever happens happens. May the best team win P13. Side note: I hope Cleveland takes the ALCS. Can't stand those Blue Jays.