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  1. My Love Will Not Let You Down live from Buffallo, November 22nd 2009.
  2. Frankie live from Gothenburg night 2 2012. Such a beautiful song.
  3. the riff of 'Downbound Train'. Got it stuck in my head playing over and over again
  4. 'Just Like Fire Would' live from Brisbane March 14th 2013. Was lucky enough to catch this song live. It was great!
  5. 'All I'm Thinkin' About Is You' My song of the day. A track of simple brillance. Love it!
  6. He sure did! He nailed every second of ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad' and rocked the living daylights out of 'Murder Incorporated' on the first night in Brisbane.
  7. One of the best on WOAD, if not the best, and only played live once. What's up with that?! I know right? It certainly is one of the best off the WOAD album. Such a beautiful song with relatively simple yet spirited lyrics.
  8. What Love Can Do Live from the Spectrum. October 14, 2009. IMO this song needs to be played live again!
  9. 'Another Thin Line' from Joe Grushecky's East Carson Street album. Superb track!
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