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  1. You missed out the ultimate diamond in the 'jewel box' mate that is moonlight motel, sensational song
  2. I can see at least 3 per show it's an outstanding album
  3. Meeting into Jungleland, amazing, was lucky enough to see this on night 1 at Crystal Palace 2003
  4. This album coupled with the whistle test special which was repeated just before xmas '84 gave bruce a huge leg up, this whistle test "special" with david hepworth cannot be underestimated about how much extra exposure it gave him and the band showing clips of bruce and band at their best into peoples livingrooms.
  5. Been a while lakers after visiting this site on occasions but not posting im finally back, aftet such a great album WS, i just want a full band tour asap, so can i just go off topic and ask all fellow lakers how great is this track, stands the test of time also one of my favourites and easily makes one of my top 20....
  6. Very well done.....scottish jockey too .....wish i'd read that..!! get the fireworks out tonight...