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  1. I've just made a playlist up of only those last two great albums, they work so well together, can I just say these two should be celebrated like as if they were follow ups to the "tunnel of love" both phenomenal pieces of work. Truly magical
  2. I agree with tpop, although the verses give it hope but it just doesn't work as much for me. But hoat guitars I absolutely love it, great song for me along with letter ,ghosts, orphans , lms, dreams and the fantastic priest, its Janey i really dislike adds very little for me, but its all about taste.
  3. I agree tweeter would be great, or how about bruce and the band with Ronnie Spector with "be my baby"
  4. We're all dreaming of the day we get back to a concert, what cover would you like to see at yours? I'm going for Soul Asylums' - Runaway Train..... I think it would would be a perfect fit for bruce and esb
  5. BITU could easily have been a double add those plus janey and a few others.
  6. Janey needs a shitter is what it should have been called, it has no quality at all in my opinion
  7. Has there ever been a triple album? probably, but if not bruce could have been the first ever artist,.roulette/whitetown/be true/loose ends /meet me in the city/take em as they come
  8. Plenty space left before and at the end of the song for the sax
  9. One of my absolute favourites is 'loose ends' incredible to think this hasn't made an album.
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