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  1. Thanks for posting, as I said, a criminally underplayed and almost forgotten song, great but poignant lyrics, love it. Give me this over 'because the night' or 'lonesome day' any day.
  2. Can someone post the live 2002 coam video from barcelona on you tube? thanks
  3. Taking 2 and a half hours to get back to the hotel from crystal palace
  4. The acoustic version is ok, but the album version recording and live is sensational
  5. A criminally underplayed song from all the tours from the rising to present, Barca dvd was fantastic, love this song
  6. It was on twice on uk tv around Sept '84 I think then later a few days before xmas
  7. Right so are you saying it's up there with Jungleland, Thunder Road, badlands, the promised land, Backstreets, she's the one, night, racing in the street, lost in the flood ?? OK then you've got me convinced
  8. Hate this song, never ever liked it, always skip it when I can, there's very few songs I hate by the boss but I never ever could take to it,, anyone else feel the same ??
  9. WOW, the show is sensational, storytelling was great, it was insightful, engaging, funny, sad, showing why he is the best at what he does, the songs were perfect and DITD was amazing, and swearing part didn't bother me but I can see why some people wouldn't be that impressed.
  10. Sorry man that's just a bizarre post it both stands alone as a great ballad, but also melts into that album beautifully
  11. The movie was outstanding, bruce was great the sound was sensational it really was and rhinestone just topped it off, so so good bluray definately getting bought soon
  12. You missed out the ultimate diamond in the 'jewel box' mate that is moonlight motel, sensational song