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  1. Thanks, guys. I must admit that I am a tad proud of at least one of those additions...
  2. I also bought this one: Hungry Heart (Berlin 95) Box set - English version.
  3. These aren't exactly recent additions, but I haven't posted in a while and I feel that these items are worth posting. I bought both of them from Mike last august, and they were delivered to me in Oslo in April when Mike came for the 2 shows there. HOL Point Blank/Ramrod and UK Hungry Heart/Held Up... (red label reissue)
  4. Thanks, guys! Really pleased with these additions, and there will be a few other ones in the near future. :-)
  5. Great stuff! Congrats! What was the name of the seller? I know another Norwegian who has (or had, if he was the seller...) the Point Blank single. I bought mine from Mike in august and thought it was cool to know that at least 2 of the 9 known copies were on Norwegian hands. If 3 out of 9 were owned by Norwegians, that would be even cooler. Did you pick it up, or was it sent by mail/courier? I don't sleep well when such valuables are on their way in the mail...
  6. And today, these nice additions arrived: Hungry Heart / Fade Away - HoF/Disques d'Or reissue Born To Run / Spirit In the Night - Red label Hall of Fame reissue Prove It All Night / Factory All Canadian
  7. On my birthday the mailman brought me this sweet ad/display (or "official promo sheet" as the seller called it) for the DITD single:
  8. Hi all. I haven't posted in a while. I've spent the past few months taking care of my sick mom, starting in a new job (with all the extra effort it takes to exit the old one in a good way - leaving my desk clean and all my projects finished), some DIY projects that has been put on hold had to be finished (I was told... ), I've had a 3 week vacation with the family (between the 2 jobs) and also found time to see 6 Bruce-shows (or 7 if you count the Remembrance Concert in Oslo performance) in Milan, Oslo, 2xBergen and 2xGothenburg. Busy scedule but I have found time to do some ebay shopping. Nothing so special that I felt I had to post about it here, mostly gap-fillers and such. Things have slowed down now and that's perfect - because yesterday I received something worth mentioning. I've never seen this one before. A 7" box set called Summer Party, consisting of 10 Collectables reissues including Bruce's Fire/Incident. I guess this calls for a discography update...
  9. Congrats, sietze! Great additions! I've been looking for that stock copy for quite some time! Anyone here who has a spare?
  10. Oh, I'd LOVE one of those. And it was cheap too! Congrats!
  11. Interesting. That explains why I didn't see the auction... It's a great item. Congrats, Jyrki!
  12. I haven't posted my new arrivals in months (come to think of it I haven't posted at all), but thought I'd share this one. I can't remember ever seeing this in the Betamax format before, but correct me if I'm wrong. It arrived yesterday and I took the pictures with my phone, so please excuse the quality. I can post new pics or scans later if anyone (Eddy) is interested.
  13. Here's another one: I've seen this from time to time on ebay, although it is quite a while since I last saw one (apart from the one Jyrki won). As far as I can remember, all of them have been offered by UK sellers. So that supports the theory about this being an "English" promo.
  14. If space (or lack thereof) becomes a problem, I'll be more than happy you help you out!
  15. Congrats on this one! I posted pics of my copy of this record in the original thread last year. Up until a few weeks ago, when a seller in Italy put it up on ebay and another copy was included in a crappy "commemorative display" (I posted a link to this in the ebay thread yesterday), my copy was the only documented one I think. At least nobody around here had it or had even seen it. I have no idea how rare it is, but based on it's limited circulation I would guess it is pretty rare. In his discography Peter calls it a "mysterious release", probably because of the unique label. I have found a Bob Dylan 7inch with the same label which is reported to be released in 2006. This was around the time I bought my copy so I guess that is correct. Other than those two I haven't seen other singles with this label so I have no idea if this was a new reissue series or just one-offs.
  16. Awesome item - I'm quite sure not many have (or ever will have) this one in their collections. Certainly by far the rarest Springsteen cassette release that's out there, and probably one of the top rarities on any format. Take good care of it! Thanks, Peter. I will surely take good care of it. It has found a good home here!
  17. Very nice! Yes, very nice! And now you need this one to play it In regards to the "Sherry Darling" cassette single, "very nice" is a bit of an understatement, guys - this one's a MEGA RARITY!!! Morten, is that the copy that was on eBay a while ago? Thanks, guys! Really pleased with these additions. PLAY IT?!? But damn, is that tape deck really worth THAT kind of money?!? Yes, Peter. That's the one. Another flawless transaction with this Springsteen-pusher from Spain. BTW, the Tracks box was from another seller.
  18. Perfect! Congratulations!! Boy, do I want one of those myself!!! Some EXTREMELY nice items has been added to a lot of collections in the past few days. Too many to individually congratulate, so here's a bid CONGRATS to all of you!! You must have been digging deep in your pockets (or your kids' piggy-banks) lately...
  19. The 7inch collecting has been very slow lately. I have promised myself (my wallet) to stay away from anything but 7inches, but to have a reason to visit my mailbox I've bought some other stuff. But it was good stuff, so I guess I will forgive myself... Tracks on cassette - finally I have all albums on cassette!! Sherry Darling cassette single
  20. I'm also missing a couple of those 8-tracks ...'cause tramps like us keep on rockin' . . . Jyrki Live 1975-85 is the only 8-track I don't have (I just bought a sealed Tunnel of Love but haven't received it yet). Well, I am also looking for the JCA version of Greetings, the PCA version of Darkness and the QCA version of Nebraska. Gotta have 'em all, you know...
  21. Another image of that last item: Peter: I will be able to scan again next week if you are interested in scans of any of the above items in addition to the high-res scan of the Play:Back questionnaire I promised you.
  22. Recent notable additions to my collection: Canadian "Brilliant Disguise" 7-inch with corrected b-side label Malaysian "Tunnel of Love" jukebox 7-inch with title strip and small centerhole (pictured with large hole on Killing Floor) HOL "Secret Garden" mispressed promo 12-inch which plays Murder Inc + Thunder Road Two different copies of the Nebraska tape with the cover photo printed as a negative image. Cat# 40-25100 is the UK one pictured on LITF, the other has cat# 463360 4. It is sealed so I don't know where it comes from. I have a Nebraska CD pressed in Austria with cat# 463360 2 and the Nice Price sticker on the tape and on the CD are identical: "NICE PRICE FROM SONY MUSIC 11-051434-40" US Columbia Records Radio Hour - Promo tape JAP WSO: Seeger Sessions - Promo tape
  23. Hi Folks! I haven't posted in quite a while. Since the last time I have added lots of items, including the following: - Human Touch promo VHS (freebie from Johnathan - thanks mate!) - approx 20 7inch singles (my 7inch collection now counting 417 items) - a few cd's (incl Italian Darkness + the beautiful "new" Greetings/WIESS box) - sealed copies of every album up to The Rising on cassette (except Darkness), incl GH, 18 tracks and LINYC which I didn't already have on cassette - lots of sheet music More notable additions in next post (incl pics).
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