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  1. Maybe on the back of his disappointment with WB sales, he prepared himself for an album the would get panned by critics and bought by his hardcore fanbase.
  2. I was lucky enough to get Seaside Bar Song in Munich.
  3. Would love a Western Stars tour. Sadly, I can write half of the setlist out of an E Street tour by now and tell you most of what will play out. Really fancied him changing it up. Setlist for 1st Show: 1, 1st Song off new album 2, Out In The Street 3, No Surrender 4, Song from new album 5, 10 minute version of Sleepy Joes Cafe 6. Sign request 7. Sign request 8.Sign request 9.Two Hearts 10 One from Western Stars 11.Because The Night 12.Lonesome Day 13.Waiting On A Sunny Day 14.Darlington County 15.Working On The Highway 16.Badlands 17. The Rising 18. Land of Hope and Dreams Encore 19, Thunder ROAD 20, Broody One Off Latest Album 21. 10th Avenue Freezeout 22.Born To Run 23.Dancing In The Dark 24. Shout 25.Twist and Shout Disclaimer This will be interspersed with BITUSA whole album shows.
  4. We fought hard over nothing, we fought till nothing remained. Fantastic switch.
  5. I think Sleepy Joe has to be take in the context that at the time the album was completed, he presumably was going to tour it. Sleepy Joe would have taken the crowd lifter slot reserved for Living In the Future, Mary's place etc. He always has a throwaway on the album to meet the task. Usually overblown to 10 mins in concert, skipped on live albums and utilised as a strategic toilet break by anyone attending multiple concerts.
  6. the hip hop one was one of the releases I had in mind above.
  7. I have a feeling that a tracks 2 would start at the end of Tracks 1. He picked what he felt was the best of the material up till then and has released cuts that did not make the box elsewhere. He probably has enough stashed since then for a 2nd tracks. Happy to be proved wrong..
  8. Exactly what I thought. What a lovely way to end an album. Like a cross of Your Missing and When Your Alone.
  9. Exactly what I posed at the same time! Great minds...
  10. The autotune on There Goes My Miracle is for effect and on the 'walking away' line. I can't say I have noticed that much more than that. The usage gives the natural sweeping effect towards the right note.
  11. Very cryptic Kev! Hope all is well? Not heard from you in a while.
  12. Same here. 2nd night (Sunday). Monster setlist with Bruce coming on for multiple encores.