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  1. Hi Daisey. When i access the page, there are vids throughout the article.
  2. A review and some decent footage: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/bruce-springsteen-paul-mccartney-jonas-brothers-raise-77-5-million-charity-1245379/?fbclid=IwAR2rR7lj9jmuL4pPkVMtcv7ZNYbxT1-iEjJKyR-RLfYC3nujomnBTj2DYnc
  3. Tour all day long for me. He can then open the vault and release all the stuff we have not heard.
  4. Annoying that there is no Vinyl and Blu Ray option. I will have to buy a redundant CD....
  5. I was at the concerts mentioned and would confirm Munich was the worst. Only time I have ever wore a poncho.
  6. A little concerned as to how bad his strumming sounded through most of the performance. Has it been noticeable during the Broadway shows, it sounds really still here.
  7. Bruce at Glastonbury with Gaslight Anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djdRSffcI9E
  8. Loving the new album. I was worried about how the older songs would fit in after the early reviews, but they work well. Solid album that covers a lot of ground.
  9. Missing the Joad tour. Manchester Apollo was my nearest show being based in Liverpool and I knew no-one with a credit card to phone order. Used to have to buy via a travel agent. No tickets were sold that way and it is to date the only tour I have missed since I was 11 years old. (Tunnel - present).
  10. Great song. Would have liked the sax pushed right up there at the end, but great chorus. Very tasteful and emotional video as well. Credit to Zimmy I presume.
  11. New album #LetterToYou featuring the E Street Band coming October 23. Pre-order the album and watch the in-studio video for “Letter To You” now: https://brucespringsteen.lnk.to/LTYS 1.1KYou and 1.1K others 83 comments 195 shares Like Comment Share
  12. https://brucespringsteen.lnk.to/LTYS?fbclid=IwAR0pETeO_4ovQfu1po0dhAfTk2MzfyEEWHz5U8BnwasvWufiBx0Su5Q6XAo Confirmed by Official site and links to track.
  13. The surprise version of Nebraska was sublime that night.
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