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  1. For me, Born To Run is his masterpiece if we are talking complete package. Darkness material to me always sounded better live and a poorly produced on album.
  2. Damn was hoping for Western Stars (without strings).
  3. What does he have on his feet??? Platform sandals??
  4. Sorry! It was hard to reveal the album details without including it. I did think about that as I posted it..
  5. ‘Western Stars – Songs From The Film’ pulls the audio from the film co-directed by Bruce Springsteen and longtime collaborator Thom Zimny. Springsteen and Ron Aniello produced the soundtrack, and its audio was mixed by Bob Clearmountain and mastered by Bob Ludwig, the same legendary duo behind ‘Springsteen on Broadway.’ Pre-orders for the album begin Friday, September 27. The ‘Western Stars’ film is a cinematic retelling of Springsteen’s first studio album in five years, as he plays the album backed by a band and full orchestra at Stone Hill Farm in Colts Neck, NJ. The film premiered at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival and is written and performed by Bruce Springsteen, with special guest Patti Scialfa. Zimny, Jon Landau, Barbara Carr, and George Travis produced the film, with Springsteen serving as executive producer. The original score is by Springsteen. The ‘Western Stars’ album has become a global success by nearly every measure, reaching #1 on charts in every continent on earth and hailed by critics as some of the finest music of his career. The album also placed Springsteen alongside David Bowie and the Rolling Stones one of the Top 5 acts with the most #1 UK albums. ‘Western Stars – Songs From The Film’ track list: Hitch Hikin’ The Wayfarer Tucson Train Western Stars Sleepy Joe’s Café Drive Fast (The Stuntman) Chasin’ Wild Horses Sundown Somewhere North of Nashville Stones There Goes My Miracle Hello Sunshine Moonlight Motel Rhinestone Cowboy All songs written by Bruce Springsteen, except “Rhinestone Cowboy”
  6. We can also take from that they are yet to start any recording so the work being done now is cosmetic repairs to old music.
  7. Because he is waiting for the calvary to come....
  8. Maybe on the back of his disappointment with WB sales, he prepared himself for an album the would get panned by critics and bought by his hardcore fanbase.
  9. I was lucky enough to get Seaside Bar Song in Munich.
  10. Would love a Western Stars tour. Sadly, I can write half of the setlist out of an E Street tour by now and tell you most of what will play out. Really fancied him changing it up. Setlist for 1st Show: 1, 1st Song off new album 2, Out In The Street 3, No Surrender 4, Song from new album 5, 10 minute version of Sleepy Joes Cafe 6. Sign request 7. Sign request 8.Sign request 9.Two Hearts 10 One from Western Stars 11.Because The Night 12.Lonesome Day 13.Waiting On A Sunny Day 14.Darlington County 15.Working On The Highway 16.Badlands 17. The Rising 18. Land of Hope and Dreams Encore 19, Thunder ROAD 20, Broody One Off Latest Album 21. 10th Avenue Freezeout 22.Born To Run 23.Dancing In The Dark 24. Shout 25.Twist and Shout Disclaimer This will be interspersed with BITUSA whole album shows.
  11. We fought hard over nothing, we fought till nothing remained. Fantastic switch.
  12. I think Sleepy Joe has to be take in the context that at the time the album was completed, he presumably was going to tour it. Sleepy Joe would have taken the crowd lifter slot reserved for Living In the Future, Mary's place etc. He always has a throwaway on the album to meet the task. Usually overblown to 10 mins in concert, skipped on live albums and utilised as a strategic toilet break by anyone attending multiple concerts.