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  1. On 10/31/2020 at 5:13 PM, MacBruce said:

    What I like the most about this album is that there is something for everyone on it. Depending on what era you prefer, what style of song you prefer, whether you like acoustic Bruce, rock Bruce, pop Bruce, 70's Bruce, 80's Bruce, Bruce the balladeer, Bruce the passionate rocker. It's all there. It's like he has made a record to pay tribute and thank the fans for their love and support throughout all the years, decades, and eras, and to thank them for being on this fabulous train ride with him and the band. It looks back and it looks forwards. It also pays tribute to lost bandmates, friends and relatives, but never gets too melancholy. 

    From a purely personal point of view, I have loved all the eras, all the styles, all the musical experiments he has tried, and of course all the E Street Band albums, and he has now came full circle back to E Street in the twilight of an astonishing career...that willingness to try other things (and in my opinion make them work) is what made him so unbeatable for me. That's the reason I can't compare Letter to you with previous albums and say with any accuracy "this is the best one since....."  In my opinion, barring one or two aberrations in the early 90's, they have all been fabulous, none more so than Western Stars from last year.

    I think there is yet more to come from this man, and certainly more archive material.



    And I noticed that Greetings, the first album is a postcard, the last one is a letter, full circle.

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