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  1. I am hole free what was the last thing you drank that you probably shouldn't have?
  2. watching Alan Haynes play SRV's old guitar
  3. false . . . I'm A- TPBM has a Blu-Ray player
  4. I eat too much sugar . . . and I'm probably not going to stop.
  5. i know it stinks where did she go?
  6. chatty drunks are cute
  7. pesto (who would you like knocked off?) Lucky Charms or Shredded Wheat?
  8. to see photos the kid in front of me took at the Dick Dale show Sunday.
  9. false, but back in the 80s I did live with a guy who had a boa constrictor TPBM has kissed the Blarney Stone.
  10. I've never been to a Sea World
  11. No TPBM has a "Spring Break" trip planned
  12. not too often Octomom is coming to your house for dinner . . . what are you serving?
  13. white gold Avatar or The Hurt Locker
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