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  1. if I can pull sub eight minute miles out of my feet on Saturday
  2. how often I should change my avatar
  3. how far off base are the instant mental images I get when I read these little snippets of people's lives . . .
  4. why Robert Plant is resisting the demand of a Zep tour.
  5. dear god i hope not what clicking on da man will reveal?
  6. how believable are those avatar photos?
  7. Hope you pick a winner! (Hint: Give him a Bruce quiz like the football test in the movie Diner)
  8. Did you mean meteorologist? Like in Lows and Highs, cold fronts, sleet, five day forecasts, hurricanes, haybobs, chinooks, virga and the like?
  9. the above has been photoshopped . . . I do not have tattoos. as the mayhem dies down . . . back on point: play the bass guitar.
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