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  1. I guess bigger Theatre does not translate to lower ticket prices (vs. prior Broadway run), when there are fewer shows....
  2. Close your window and then go back into the website. You will get right in...singles available for a few of the dates, and select few dates have doubles available. Go get'm.
  3. The pricing is very confusing--because the Mezzanine overhangs the Orchestra section, the seats in the front of the Mezzanine are higher priced than those at the back of the Orchestra section. I paid $850/per for Row 2 of Mezzanine, while you can get $500/per for back of orchestra. I guess its because of the overhang, and your relative proximity to the stage. Weird pricing vs. Walter Kerr theater setup
  4. Guess, I spoke to soon. Was in Queue on my phone and PC. Got in on my phone. Could have sworn when the tix came up it was Orchestra (2nd row) but once I purchased them they say Mezzanine 2nd row (WTF...)-- $850/per.
  5. Nice of Seat Geek to let us know that the waiting room was going to open sometime before Noon EST. I just got in the virtual line, at the time their site specified, and I can already tell there is not way I am getting a shot here, to purchase. Ridiculous....
  6. Let's also not forget his Mom has Alzheimer's, so he probably is still looking at staying local and to be there with her. Perhaps her health is deteriorating.
  7. Ok, while it's obvious we can't all meet "In the Middle", can we all agree to meet at Mary's Place
  8. Exactly my point as well....where was the call for meeting in the middle when there were protests from the left (certainly not with the same issues we saw at the Capital), immediately after Trump's election. Do not want to turn this forum into politics, but the left calling for reconciliation, when for 4 years they advocated for running the guy out on the rails, comes across a bit shallow right now.
  9. Have a huge problem with Bruce's involvement in this project, even though I am not "on the right" for US politics. The country is deeply divided, and 1/2 the population believes what they believe. Having a figure that obviously supports the left (in Bruce) advocate for the re-uniting the country, so soon after the painful election--comes across as talking down to that portion of the population and "rubbing it in their faces". Not the ideal timing for this message/commercial, when feelings are still very raw. Will hurt Bruce's image, more than it helps--but when has the man ever cared abo
  10. Would be cool to have the box set, itself, fashioned as a cassette tape (in ode to how it was recorded, originally).
  11. My absolute favorite on the album. Love how he once again weaves in his religious influences to this rocker
  12. Have to say....I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THIS.... Just a straight forward rocker (which I've wanted from him and the band for some time now). Just raw E Street power and I adore the Catholic imagery (washed you in holy water/marked by Cain). Put on some headphones, crank this one and go for a run/walk. You will thank me later.....
  13. I want all future ESB albums recorded live like this one.....agree its the best sounding band album in years....
  14. More thoughts on Burnin' Train (my favorite on the album)... This last verse has a very "For You" feel to it...not to mention the call back to NYC Serenade with ...."sheets stained with sweat". From NYC Serenade.. "Janey sleeps in sheets damp with sweat..." On your bed of thorns, I brought you shining gifts Wiped the sweat from your brow and I touched your lips Sheets stained with sweat, outside the endless rain Darling I'm blessed in your blood and marked by Cain
  15. From "Land of a Thousand Guitars"' Now that's a shot..... The criminal clown has stolen the throne He steals what he can never own May the truth ring out from every small town bar We'll light up the house of a thousand guitars
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