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  1. I dunno....i'm find the season since Axe's case got dismissed a bit of a downturn. The show has been based on the titanic clash between Chuck and Axe. tehir two stories were inextricably woven together. Now theya r ejust different characters on different story arcs. The character that has become very interesting is Wendy. Her manipulation of others has become very exposed and blatant. SHe is the Queen in the story, maneuvering her pawns where she wants them.
  2. Just did a little googling....they are definitely not just playing themselves!!
  3. No, never watched the series. Do they play the role similarly, or is it a completely different character portrayal? Hoping it is completely different, 'cuz otherwise that just means they are essentially just playing themselves.
  4. I watched it back-to-back....it helped somewhat. Taylor has become, by far, the most fascinating character in the show. They are played brilliantly by Asia Kate Dillon.
  5. Agreed re: a series being a better outlet for the series...coulda been HBO, Netflix Prime or whatever. But the source material is so rich that trying to do even one movie per book would always be a huge challenge. A "season" per book would be perfect, IMO.
  6. Well, technically there are 7 books in the core series.....The Wind Through The Keyhole was added to the series after the The Dark Tower had been published and the series concluded. It is more of a novella than a book and is not really critical to the overall arc of the story. If you enjoy King's work, it is well worth your time to read the series....The Gunslinger (Book 1) is a bit of a tough read, IMO...very much a book by someone who is trying to find his "voice" or "style". But it is also realtively short....after that, the series takes off and is fantastic. It also weaves into much of other King's works.....you'll soon recognize Walter from other stories (no spoilers).
  7. I wouldn't say it was "truly awful".....but definitely over-ambitious. They tried to cram too much from the series into one (realtively short) film....and it fell kinda flat, as a result. Between the source material and the leading actors, that ended up being a pretty significant disappointment....could have been so much more. But if you weren't familiar with the books, I think the movie was decent enough.
  8. S2 of Sneaky Pete dropped Friday on Amazon Prime.....
  9. As crap...that should be “parallel” world, not “pallet” i hate Steve Jobs sometimes.....
  10. Anyone watching Counterpart on Starz? Stars the awesome J.K. Simmons dealing with a semi-identical pallet world / self. 1.5 eposides in....intrigued, but not sold yet.
  11. Drove down to Bloomington today so I could keep my tradition with P14 going....took her and friends out to dinner and then she and I went to Black Panther. Yes, I am a Marvel fanboy, but BP was fantastic....best Marvel movie in a long time (outside of Captain America: Civil War). You don’t have to know the interlacing stories of the other Marvel movies and everything is done so well....lots of geniuine moments of humor, great action sequences, engaging story.....just excellent. This movie is going to do massive numbers....whole theater was packed and they were showing the movie almost all day on the hour across multiple theaters.
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