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  1. WHAT?!?!!? I didn't know anything about it!! Damn 'cuz I woulda definitely gone. I'm totally digging the new DBT album.
  2. Mueller expands the investigation even wider.... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-20/mueller-is-said-to-expand-probe-to-trump-business-transactions
  3. Just got a news alert....he got parole. Moving on with my life.
  4. Hmmmmm......frankly, I don't really care if he gets parole or not....but seems to me he served his time. Assuming he was a model prisoner (have no idea, nor do I care), parole seems reasonable at this point in time.
  5. Yeah, good luck to the Democrats with this strategy....
  6. Again, you'll have to show me what they have done to "keep him in check".The health Care bill failed because of GOP strategy, not Trump. Trump didn't even understand the bill 9exactly what happened with the House bill).
  7. Wait, what? He burst into a guy's hotel room with gun-bearing thugs, detained him against his will, stole memorabilia at gunpoint and you don't think it was a violent crime? Seriously?
  8. Well, unfortunately that poll doesn't mean a lot....a slim majority of people wanted the Democrats in control of the White House, too. A national sampling re: control of COngress is meaningless....unless it is done by district and compiled as such. Like the EC, it all comes down to where the voters are living and what the make-up of the different districts look like. You'll have to show me exactly what the GOP has done in order for me to evaluate whether they are doing a "good enough" job. Seems to me that a whole bunch of nothing has gone on....I don't consider that to be "good enough".
  9. As I said yesterday, if we "may never know" if HRC won the popular vote, then how do we "know" that Trump won the electoral college? This logic is exactly whyany request from the "distinguished panel" should be challenged. In addition, why does Trump care so much? He won the election, he is the President....but his ego can't let this go.
  10. So Trump appears upset that Sessions took the job if he was gonna recuse himself.....but (and mybe my recollection of the timeframes is wrong), but the revelation that Sessions had undisclosed meetings with the Russians came after Sessions had been confirmed. So why would Sessions NOT have taken the job? And if Trump feels that Sessions betrayed him by taking the job and then recusing himself, doesn't that infer that Trump knew there was something there?
  11. One of my bets friends was diagnosed with a glioblastoma....it ain't good. Average life expectancy is ~18 months, at best. My buddy made it to 20 months. It sucks...as much as I disagreed with McCain in 2008, he was (until then) always willing to stand his ground when his conscience said so. I think he returned to that to some degree in the last year or so...he was willing to call BS on Trump on some key issues and I applaud him for that. Above anything else, he was committed to serving this country, both in the military and in Congress. I wish him all the best in his upcoming fight.