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  1. Well, neither film was great, but both were enjoyable enough, I suppose. Not certain how Thor has been getting such great reviews (even claiming it was the highest rated marvel movie ever). It was, at best, a middle-of-the-pack film form Marvel. JL was about what I expected...cramming too much backstory into one film to justify bringing in all these new characters at once with an over-the-top villain. But it had some funny moments and was OK overall. But DC follows far behind Marvel in the movie department.
  2. P14 got home last night......since she was down at school last week when the new Thor movie came out, we missed the opening night, as per our tradition. First time in a long time we missed a opening together... However, with Justice League premiering tonight, we are making up for it with a double-feature.....Thor followed by Justice League. Looking forward to it!!
  3. 'Stranger Things' on Netflix

    Through S1....like JJ ^^, took me a few episodes (like 4 or 5) to really get into it (and let's admit it...some of the acting is really bad......I'm looking at you, Winona ). But an enjoyable series nonetheless.....gonna start S2 sometime this week.
  4. The OFFICIAL 2017-18 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Duke v Sparty was a damn fine start to the season....but Duke broke Sparty’s back in the last 2minutes.
  5. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    Cardinals reportedly going hard after Stanton, Arrietta and / or Darvish.....
  6. DITD, WOASD and The Rising all say "Gello".
  7. Walking Dead - Season 5

    You'll break....
  8. Walking Dead - Season 5

    So what was the total "Just in Time-ism" count for Zeke last night....3? 4? I couldn't keep count....Kindom member who saved him in the beginning, Jerry, Carol and then Shiva.....did I miss anything? Amazing how all those Walkers were right on them, but would pause just long enough for the various characters to have extended dialogues.
  9. This. I am not a huge DBT fan by any stretch.....but American Band is simply superb.
  10. RIP Roy Halladay

    Yeah....this guy is pretty much the epitome of a douche canoe.
  11. New Brian Fallon Song: 'Forget Me Not'

    kaput. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I don't know if they are officially "over" or just on hiatus. I thought it was hiatus, but cannot confirm.
  12. "Fourth Reich in Khakis....." Brilliant.
  13. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Last page of this thread.... (not that I disagree with much of what was said..... )
  14. RIP Roy Halladay

    Halladay's Perfect Game.
  15. Walking Dead - Season 5

    Oh, that's right....thanks for the assist!