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  1. Connecting Trump’s Dots to Russia

    No surprise he didn't want to source those quotes..... https://conservativeexplorer.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/band-of-brothers-or-harbingers-of-doom-muellers-team-enigma/
  2. Connecting Trump’s Dots to Russia

    Weren't you the one accusing others of "political spin"?
  3. Connecting Trump’s Dots to Russia

    Weren't you the one just accusing people of "political spin"? Please see my earlier post....the FBI is not Obama and Manafort is not Trump. Trump's claims about the alleged wiretapping were very specific and they do not line up with the facts. I'll also remind you that Trump's own Justice Department has said there is no evidence to back up Trump's claim.
  4. The Stupid...It Hurts

    Neil Degrasse Tyson weighs in....
  5. Connecting Trump’s Dots to Russia

    Before the spin gets too out of control, let's remind ourselves of who is who. 1) Obama is not the FBI 2) Manafort is not Trump. Now, let's go to the tape and see what was claimed by Trump back in March. "MY" wires tapped. Not Manafort's, not "people in my campaign", "MY" wires. As in his....as in Trump's. Zero evidence to support this accusation. As pointed out months ago, if this request was turned down, there are documents to show it. Still waiting..... Again, "my phones".....not Manafort's, Trump's. Yet once more - "My phones"....and Manafort's phones were not being monitored in October. Now, let's add on to this that Trump's OWN Justice Department has categorically said there was no evidence to back up Trump's wiretapping claims from last March. Finally, as PRR noted previously, this surveillance began back in 2014, long beofer there was even a Trump campaign and resumed again sometime after the election. Once again, these timelines do not add up to the claims made by Trump. And if Trump was alluding somehow to the Manafort investigation, why not simply reveal the surveillance then? Unless of course it was because he was not actually referring to Manafort. But please, let's continue partisan bullschitt and ignore the fact that the campaign manager for Trump was under surveillance for improper contacts with the Russians.....#noevidence Later....
  6. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    Cleveland ties the MLB record with 21 consecutive wins.....outstanding! Dayum....
  7. Again, not our issue if you choose not to click on links provided....but when you then start complaining about something that is clearly mentioned in the link, expect people to call bullschitt. Pretty simple.
  8. Your inferiority complex is showing again, bushy..... No one disputes that this board leans left (on the US spectrum)....at least no one that I am aware of. And? Doesn't invalidate my points in the slightest. No one claimed this site was objective, unbiased, etc. Again, if you are using this place as your only source of news, that is just dumb. And since I seriously doubt anyone is actually doing that, it kinda kills the whole point.
  9. Based on the Colts performacne Sunday, I suggest you go buy more.....you're gonna need them.
  10. 20 trillion

    No....that causes rampant inflation and devalues the dollar. Would be catastrophic...for everyone.
  11. Well, it is certainly convenient that you may not remember threads where Dems have been named in such cases, but yet you only remember the ones about GOP politicians. You might want to google "Confirmation Bias". There is no doubt, however, that the GOP (with a very large evangelical base) positions itself as the party of "family values", etc. So yeah, when you get a rash of top execs and personalities at FOX News getting busted for sending pictures of their junk to co-workers, or settling multiple sexual harrassment cases, the hypocrisy does tend to stand out. And if anyone used this site as their "only source of news"....well, that's just dumb. This isn't a news site, it is a discussion board.
  12. Seriously? it was a link to CNN from the account of a verified journalist....pretty sure you are OK clicking on it.