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  1. Garry not trying to walk back his previous post....
  2. New archive - June 24th 1993

    Thank god someone got this thread back on track....
  3. The one thing we know is that things are rarely set in stone w/ Bruce...I find it hard to believe that any decision, or even indication, has been made re: the future of E St. My initial reaction is that Garry’s comment was in regards to a tour this year, not ever.
  4. the other tweets from the discussion...
  5. Tweet was in response or Nills telling a fan he sure hopes there is another E St tour.... Hope this is just a miscommunication!!!!
  6. R.I.P. Dolores O'Riordan (Cranberries)

    I read that she suffered from bipolar disorder, so unfortunately, I am not surprised (but still saddened) to read this....
  7. TL : DR....is there a summary?
  8. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    worked well in 2016...
  9. Official 2017 NFL Thread

  10. New archive - June 24th 1993

    No, have no idea what happened there....but that moment from Leap of Faith remains one of the funniest moments I have ever seen at a Bruce show. Ah, screw that....it is THE funniest!!
  11. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Pretty sure this is as close as the NFL has come to the home team getting into the SB....just one win away for MIN and a game that should be winnable given their defense. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  12. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    Always been a fan of McCutchen....shame he had to leave Pittsburgh.
  13. New archive - June 24th 1993

    Or just watch the video.....
  14. New archive - June 24th 1993

    Yeah, someone ripped off his boot as he was crowd surfing, hence his "ah, she got it, she can keep it" line once he gets back on stage. He was then calling for his acousitic and another boot. As he was waiting, someone threw their own show up on the stage, which was for the same foot as his remaining boot...."How kind....someone sent me a spare! (pause) "I got THAT one!!!" I never heard the call for "Does This Bus..." at that point, mostly because we were laughing and cheering. But it seems there was a problem with getting him his accoustic, which was why they launched into "Man's Job" instead. He then obviously opened the secodn set with "Does This Bus...."