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  1. This Braves fan is thrilled for you and your Cubs!

  2. You, a triathlete, are going to laugh at this, I know.  But since you asked:

    Last year was my first run, a 5k, at age 54.  Finished 49 out of 149 overall and 4 out of 7 in my age bracket (Males 50-54) with a time of 30:47.  Didn't know it beforehand, but there was an award ceremony afterward where the top 3 in each age bracket got a little commemoration award on a piece of one of the wood barrels used to age Jack Daniel's whiskey.  The 3rd place finisher in my bracket finished 38 seconds ahead of me.  So I remember thinking, "Man, just 39 seconds faster.  Next year. . .  ."

    This year, a year later, all my practice runs leading up to this run were in the 34-35 min range.  I was pessimistic going in, but I guess there's just something about the adrenaline and competitiveness that comes in play when running with lots of other people because this year my time was 29:42, which was 1:05 faster than my last year's time in the same event.  And this time I was 40 out of 158.  

    I was just happy to get my coveted barrel piece.  

    The guy who finished ahead of me in first place, a friend of mine who plays on my trivia team, finished 4th overall with a time around 21:30, more than 8 minutes faster than me.  He's the same age as me, lol.  

    It's fun, I enjoy it, and it gives me added encouragement to stay in reasonable shape.  An impressive runner is something I'll never be.  The ones I read about in Runner's World and those who can even complete the longer distance events are amazing to me.  But given my age and the fact that I had a silent heart attack 6 years ago, I'm happy with myself. 

  3. Hello,

    I was on a business trip this week, Monday evening meet a customer at dinner in Schaumburg.

    Shaw's Crab House!!!!!!!:wub:

    WOW, what a great dinner, I don't drink wine, but the other three loved the wine list. And for four people eating and drinking wasn't totally outrageous. Semi, but not total.

    Was wondering if you have ever been there? And your thought's?



  4. Just got a spam email from you. I think you were hacked.

    Hope things are good.



  5. Figured it deserved its own thread now instead of being part of the BB thread. And besides, I've never started an "OFFICIAL" thread on the Lake before. B) Latest news..... http://www.today.com/entertainment/breaking-bad-star-aaron-paul-wants-bring-jesse-better-call-2D12182725 Aaron Paul wants in on the action (as does Bryan Cranston and Betsy Brandt) and the show is set to debut in November. B) Personally, I think they need to steer away from the main BB characters. They all basically discovered Saul through the course of BB, so other than a passing cameo, I see no way to logically work
  6. Hello Mark! Makers Mark and G-boro always!!

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