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  1. Bugger .. came home from work with plans to watch it. Not......happy.......Jan
  2. Hey guys & gals .. I have a Ticket I need to sell for AAMI PARK Melbourne.. Thursday Feb 2 -- premium section 54 -- $300 .. best contact is email-- soulminingacrobat@hotmail.com .. cheers
  3. Yea mine came through too .. I thought Nils was grounded for the rest of this year.. hoping he's right for Feb.. I'm happy to prop him up on stage if that helps.. I can also spin him round in a swivel chair when needed
  4. I contacted Ticketek about this.. being distributed in the next few days
  5. March/April seems more likely if this is true .. part of me hopes its not in November as Im still in debt from the last tour and need to bump up my funds again
  6. how wierd .. that was what I was like during Incident .. so relieved when it was over
  7. during badlands. Bruce finished it and moved into TGOTJ but the crowd kept going with the Badlands chant so he stopped and went back in to Badlands saying something like "you want it, you got it!". He seemed quite pleasantly surprised! yea that was great .. I noticed he was pleasantly surprised with the crowd as a whole .. the response was huge both nights .. looked to me he was havin a ball!
  8. Just got back from the gig .. once again great great show .. High Hopes was an awesome opener .. really moved .. Bruce seemed a lot looser than the other night .. the set flowed beautifully and then there was Incident .. to be honest I was not expecting that at all .. stunning moment .. into The River .. Atlantic City .. breathtaking stuff .. and a track I love - Open All Night (really got the crowd jumping) .. an extended Darlington County as he wondered far and wide into the crowd - lots of fun and the feeling in the place was pure joy .. Racing was an obvious highlight .. as was Blinded by the Light - a sign request for a young girl up front .. and played sitting on the edge of the stage acoustically - sublime and bought an intimacy to the arena as everyone sang along in the chorus .. not many surprises in the encores but it didn't matter .. it was rockin' .. Bruce and Co seemed genuinely happy with the crowd .. that's all I can say right now .. I need a beer!
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