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  1. We may not be seeing Nils in Jan/Feb.. according to this from his Facebook page.. "Due to a totally unexpected need for surgery this November, Nils Lofgren has been informed by his doctors that he will be unable to perform from surgery onward for the remainder of the year. Nils and Amy express their deepest regrets at having to miss these rescheduled tour dates, especially to all his fans and the venues that have gone through two, unavoidable cancellations. Nils and Amy thanks you all for your unwavering support and appreciate the well wishes from all"
  2. I also did the same but can only print off the Venue pick up ones.. but they are printed now..
  3. I agree with a number of your thoughts.. and mine are along similar lines.. but I see it as this.. In 2013, he hadn't come for 10 years and not a lot of his albums were big sellers, so to go see him was a novelty... the word of mouth was so amazing about those concerts that when 2014 was announced (albeit with new material), a lot of people wanted to go see him purely based on the feedback from the 2013 tour (I personally know a number of people who were in this scenario.. they didn't buy High Hopes or even Wrecking Ball but went to experience the show itself).. Now, 3 years later, the 'novelty' of not having seen him has rubbed off most of the punters.. They paid the big money 3 years ago and don't need to spend that money again (tix are about a 10% increase on 2014 tour which is not too bad for 3 years).. I do agree that there would be a number of 'casual' fans who are putting their money to a GnR gig as their 'must see' concert of the year.. Even though I live in Sydney, I am stunned that Gudinski chose to go the AAMI Park route and not Rod Laver Arena.. I am pretty sure they could have sold 2 x RLA not a problem (even with Hanging Rock).. but 2 x AAMI with that pit size is gonna be the issue..
  4. I'm still amazed you are able to get on all your flights without pants on...
  5. So the talk of a $300 premium ticket, any idea if that is for the front GA area?
  6. I actually thought about that.. and 3 out of four years made it seem that only one year was missed, yet he missed 2015 and 2016.. but technically it is 3 times in approx 4 calendar years.. so even luckier...
  7. Good Morning all from Sydney.. yes, very excited about the upcoming tour.. the overriding feeling is one of amazement that after so many years of not getting a tour at all, we get 3 in 5 years... and to still see him performing at such an incredibly high level is such a joy.. I do feel sorry for my wife (and all partners), who we convinced a few years ago that we were seeing so many concerts because "this will be the last time we ever see him here".. Having seen him 9 times in 12 months, this time I think financial reality will set in and will see him only in Sydney and Hunter Valley.. I am extremely grateful of what I got to do in '13 and '14, and unless I win the lottery or a shite load of work comes in, I will accept my limitations.. However one life changing occasion may occur as my 12 year old son wants to go.. and to take him to Bruce in the pit will be an experience of a lifetime for both of us..
  8. It's quite funny, we are in that supportive 'pre-tour announcement' stage where everyone is saying how exciting it will be, etc etc.. to be followed by the absolute free for all that happens once the tour is announced and the tickets become available.. "get out of my way, get out of my way!!!!!!"...
  9. 12:17 Start 1. Sociedade Alternativa (Raul Seixas Cover) 2. Badlands 3. Death to my Hometown 4. Spirit5. Hungry Heart 6. BITUSA 7. Cover Me 8. Darlington County 9. Working on the Highway 10. Downbound Train 11. I'm On Fire 12. No Surrender 13. Bobby Jean 14. I'm Going Down 15. Glory Days 16. DITD 17. My Hometown 18. Shackled and Drawn 19. WOASD 20. The Rising21. LOHAD22. Thunder Road 23. BTR 24. 10th Avenue 25. Twist and Shout 26. This Hard Land 02:58 Finish
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