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  1. Just finished The Help (yes, I'm that far behind!) ~ I was surprised at how much I liked it. Not perfect, but 90% perfect. Next up is Franzen. billh: I think a career in cosmology would be great for your son; there are not near enough males involved in the field and women will always want to have their skin and makeup just right, no matter what else changes in the world.
  2. I just spotted the avatar ~ you are so freaking funny!

  3. youse guys are silly
  4. thanks Hero...the ol' past participle. I hope it wasn't dangling it sounds weird, tho, doesn't it? good horror movie name! "The Woken" (starring a bunch of old white men with tea bags stapled to their hats )
  5. is "woken" a word?
  6. we were whispering, JB. now you've gone and woken everyone
  7. he was tired and he counted a couple twice, LOL
  8. pssst...Democrats make flubs, too. Just ask the President how many states he's been to...
  9. is circling round the one who circles round her

  10. one of these days I'll read this thread but today doesn't appear to be the day.
  11. I dunno ~ he's a tall black man with short hair and jug ears. I think he's pretty recognizable myself!
  12. he intended to say "towelhead"
  13. but it isn't Canadians, Germans or Aussies that are causing the problems that Arizonans are experiencing. Do people agree that the Arizona law was enacted in response to specific problems it is experiencing directly because of its proximity to Mexico? Personally, I don't think it is a very good or efficacious law, but I can understand the frustrations that led to its passage (& I don't think it was simply because Arizona legislators don't like brown-skinned people per se).
  14. musta caught quite a few bugs