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  1. Got pit ticket for 2nd show. 4 from 5 GA tickets.
  2. Ha ha me too, double checked everything. Even logged into bank site to make sure my card had been charged.
  3. I took the day off work to get these tickets. So far 3 from 4 GA, missed Sydney 1st show but still hopefull.
  4. Yep had mine within 2 minutes of going on sale. Now for the 2nd Sydney show, will be harder.
  5. I wonder if Mrs Springsteen will come to Australia this time. I also wonder if Patti will make the journey.
  6. Got front standing for Hanging Rock and Aami Park. No such luck for Sydney, had tickets 3 times but session timed out each time. Will try again on Friday. Looking to 2nd shows in Sydney and Melbourne.
  7. Cleared the credit card. Leave form signed for work, just need to add dates. Now hope I dont die from excitement.
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