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  1. OK, so I’ve been kind of off-line for a few days and missed the new song dropping. This thread was 9 pages long before I started reading and 13 before I heard the actual song. That’s a lot of catching up in one read... So, yes it sounds a bit like each and every one of the mentioned songs from Bruce’s collected works (did anyone mention Last Carnival?) That’s not surprisingly, since certain snippets of melody, certain types of phrasing, certain chord progressions, etc. often define an artists work, the way a painter’s colour palette or brushstrokes might define theirs. Nothing unusual there at all. (Did I read somewhere once that a composer keeps re-writing the same 6 songs throughout their career? Or was it the same 4 songs? Anyway...) What I’m most interested in is how this album will transition from song to song. We now have a two song sequence where the style of instrumentation and singing aren’t carbon copies of each other. We can only speculate on how all 13 songs will flow and mesh. Perhaps they won’t, like so many pop albums of my youth, but I’m hoping there really is an overarching story to listen to when the album can be heard in full. I’m thinking there’s a story link in the two songs we’ve already heard- I might by totally wrong, of course. That happens. Quite often. As for the singing, yes, Bruce is trying to sing like Roy Orbison again. And why not? Gets close too. Nice that he still has that range but could he pull it off live? Well, I played TGMM then HS straight after, like on the album track listing. Repeated that a few times. I think the album will work. Mightn’t make my top 10, I suspect, but there will be sunny days, quiet nights, car rides, when it will be the perfect music for an hour or so.
  2. Just cycled in to Agen, France and found a coffee stop cafe blasting live Dublin Seeger Sessions. Tired legs now feel like dancing!
  3. There’s the format for the tour: Bruce, Roy, audience.
  4. With thanks- where would we be Without You?
  5. That’s an incisive review. Thanks for sharing @sonicramone I made a point of not listening multiple times in a row today, choosing to spread a dozen or so plays across the course of my day. I also made sure I listened on as many different sets of speakers as I could (headphones, iPad, computer, Boom 3, car stereo, AV system), as background music to daily chores and an an intense, concentrated listening exercise. Then the video dropped and I listened one more time and let the imagery wash over me as the words appeared and faded along with the instruments and Bruce’s voice. It’s probably the way I’ve actually listened to Bruce’s new records for as long as I’ve been listening, just condensed into one day rather than over a longer period. Some comments have suggested the singing is lazy but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out later that this vocal been cherry picked from countless takes in the studio- I think it’s a brilliant performance, deceptively simple, with a sonic clarity that so many of the “muddy” mixes we’ve heard in the past have denied us. When you get in really close to this one it sounds immediate and alive: at least it does to me. I really look forward to the production on the album. I think it is going to sound amazing. Strings mightn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, the genre might rankle some and there will be cravings for another BTR or Darkness (hell, me too on that!) but this brief taste of Western Stars has me excited that we are about to get another classic album.
  6. In Spotify search for Springsteen in artists, then select Bruce Springsteen Artist. Scroll down to Popular releases and it should be first choice. Similar on iTunes but it appears as a pre-release album. Searching for Western Stars or Hello Sunshine get no joy.
  7. I haven’t been able to find it...still looking.
  8. Woke up to find it on both Apple Music and Spotify. Nice. Interesting chord changes and structure we haven’t really heard in Bruce’s music before. I’m thinking the album will have a few surprises for us going by this one. Hopefully a lot of light and shade as we get to play from beginning to end... Hello Sunshine is the second last song on the album so I suspect we’ll have been on a journey by then...
  9. I haven’t had a chance to hear the new song yet but it’s bed time down here so I’ll let it slide till morning. Everyone’s first listen reviews have whet my appetite for sure. I’m another who thinks that a new direction is adding value to Bruce’s legacy, not diminishing it. He’ll always come back around to barnstorming Bruce, no matter how many forays he takes into other passion projects. One day I hope we get to hear them all. It’s been my birthday today and to finish off a day of being spoiled with the promise of a new Bruce album is kind of perfect. Waking up to a new song and video will be a pretty good way to start my next trip around the sun. Hello Sunshine, for sure.
  10. So, if Bruce’s 2019 is to be, “consumed with...various recording projects” he’s been working on, we now have one of those locked in. BITUSA/Nebraska to follow? Then one (or more) of the “shelved” albums we hear about from time to time? Tracks 2? This could be a big year.
  11. From USA Today: The album was teased on Springsteen’s social media account this week with rustic, haunting images from what appeared to be the Joshua Tree National Park in California and other points west. Springsteen has stated that he will not be touring with the E Street Band in 2019. The “Western Stars” release did not include any info about solo shows, nor did it suggest any were coming. “Before I go back to my day job, the year will be consumed with a break after our Broadway run and various recording projects I’ve been working on,” said Springsteen, 69, on social media last December. “We do hope to see you soon, and until then, we have some mighty E Streeters out there regularly performing with their own projects who’d love and deserve your support.” Upcoming albums from E Street Band members include “Summer of Sorcery” from Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul on May 3; “Blue with Lou” from Nils Lofgren on Friday, April 26; and a new album from Jake Clemons.
  12. From Rolling Stone: Western Stars is Springsteen’s first album of new, original songs since 2012’s Wrecking Ball. “[The] record is influenced by Southern California pop music of the Seventies” he told Variety in December. “Glen Campbell, Jimmy Webb, Burt Bacharach, those kinds of records. I don’t know if people will hear those influences, but that was what I had in my mind. It gave me something to hook an album around; it gave me some inspiration to write.”