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  1. Out of left field there Dbro02, but yes! I was there too and it was heaps of fun.
  2. The live album is up (on iTunes in Australia, at least) so that’s my morning listening sorted.
  3. Little girl, I want to marry you Oh yeah, little girl, I want to marry you Yes I do Little girl, I want to marry you
  4. How about: ”I see the lonely ribbon in your hair Tell me am I the man for whom you put it there” 10 out of 10 for grammar, but not even Bruce can save that one.
  5. “Now I carry my operator’s license “ from Tucson Train. Not easy to sing along with that one without a bit of practise. And would anyone but Bruce sound smooth singing, “Gonna be a rumble out on the promenade...”?
  6. How about Bruce, every single musician on the album, Paramount Theatre, twenty cameras and no audience, a couple of days of recording and a landmark Netflix special/Bluray/DVD release on the 23rd of September this year? I’d take that.
  7. Sadly true. During our youth our world becomes bigger but as we enter those last years it shrinks again, smaller and smaller. Wayfarer has a discordant edge that I’m not sure I really like. I’m wondering if there’s an outtake that missed out for it? Who knows what’s still in the vault. And, yes, I’ve thought of a playlist of the album with TT first and Hitchhiker a little deeper into the album but I keep thinking the young traveller’s story has to be the lead off... Damn it, she is on that damn train!
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