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    '75. Fanatic since '78. Tragic since my first show in '85.

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  1. Lots of documentaries Daisey, including heaps of music related subjects!
  2. Me and Frank

    The Greatest Springsteen Song: Round 5

    My life would be poorer without any one of them. So I voted for them all!
  3. Me and Frank


    That would, of course, be gold-plated pajammies.
  4. LOHAD is brilliant- can’t wait for the rest!
  5. Rachael wins today’s Name-that-Tune contest! Excellent sleuthing Rachael! (I was going to add a clue if no one came up with the right answer: the preceding video featured this guy...)
  6. OK, which Bruce song am I watching, not listening to? Location: Nik’s & Co bar in Milan, video projection on the wall, no sound. Background music split between jazz tracks and a very decent Blues duo blasting out dirty, loud gems on slide-guitar and harmonica. Just wish they’d turn up the video soundtrack during the band’s breaks!
  7. Me and Frank

    Broadway extended... again

    Remains to be seen... but an album of the nightly set list plus the special one-offs and Patti-less night’s substitute songs would be great. How many songs would that total (get on to that die-hard setlist watchers!) If each track was a standout performance from the run of the show- wow, that could be a great album!
  8. Me and Frank

    Darkness cover pics

    Something like this...
  9. Me and Frank

    Darkness cover pics

    How about a double 1978 release, a la “Lucky Town”/“Human Touch”? The original “Darkness On The Edge Of Town” with pensive Bruce cover plus “Rendezvous” with Paulo’s track listing and the happy Bruce cover. That would be a good alternative universe!
  10. Me and Frank

    Darkness cover pics

    Wow, that’s the cover of a very different album, isn’t it?
  11. Me and Frank

    Greetings From New Jersey/NYC (Part 5)

    Happy 21st Rachel, enjoy every minute! And don’t forget to BREATHE
  12. Me and Frank

    Birthday greetings

    Hope you had a great day Daisy!
  13. So, if you enlarge the notebook on the music stand... ...and play around with the contrast and tonal settings... ...and sharpen the image a little...everything is revealed!
  14. Me and Frank

    Suggestions please!

    This is what I thought of straight away... perhaps the best wedding song ever. Dion’s version is actually the one I fell in love with...
  15. Me and Frank

    Them and those

    No biggie from me either... just being my school teacher self and then getting back to where this all started.