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  1. Wild Thing (The Troggs) P.S. If Van's anti-mask thing is accurate reporting, then FUCK Van Morrison!
  2. A simple plea for... Words (The Bee Gees)
  3. You Got Me Hummin' (Sam & Dave)
  4. When Jokers Attack (The Brian Jonestown Massacre)
  5. Who'll Be The Next In Line (The Kinks)
  6. Reflections (Diana Ross & The Supremes)
  7. Back in the 60's, there was a comedy group called the Firesign Theater. They sold albums that catered to the "stoners". On one of the albums, the sides were actually labelled as "this side" and "the other side". It was a bitch trying to figure out which side you had just listened to! Both Sides Now (Judy Collins)
  8. Ferry Cross The Mersey (Gerry & The Pacemakers)
  9. For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield)
  10. The title of the album says it all.