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  1. Yer. Fingers crossed that there is a next time!
  2. What I can say - I had the parents in tow as well, so I was doing my care in the community bit! Had to get them home before Poirot came on ITV 3...
  3. I was home in my bed within an hour. People who didn't shake a leg whinged and whinged that the traffic was horrible!
  4. This was vvvvvs. I'm surprised I can't see myself in this video but the guy filming this must have been so close to me - maybe I was just behind him!
  5. In what way? Flynn indicates that it won't be Winterland and then when someone asks if there'll be a release at all, Dennis indicates that there will be. I guess time will tell anyway.
  6. Prior to the previous few releases DennisC has posted some not very subtle hints that have very obviously pointed to the eventual release. It's there in writing, like it or not. I agree that 99% of people who claim to be in the know are indeed fantasists though.
  7. As much as I dislike Flynn, it's pretty obvious that he has had pre-release info in the past and has been more informed than your average fan on these matters for many years. The same is true of DennisC at BTX whose pointers should also be looked out for. Pretty much everyone else there is full of sh*t however...
  8. I must have missed that. Ignore my ramblings if so!
  9. Well, it looks like a seeder has appeared and Jungleland has come through for me. Happy to share it here now if anyone wants it?
  10. Thank you very much for your help with this. However, I don't wish to sound ungrateful, but this is one of the hissy versions I was talking about. Compare it with the version on YouTube here to see what I mean: My Father's Place I know the version you have provided claims to be an 'analog master' in the info file but I don't think it's THE master that I'm looking for. The info on the Youtube one and the info file for the one with no seeders on Jungleland reads as follows: "Bruce Springsteen My Fathers Place L.I. New York 7-31-73 Late show Off WLIR Master Tape I'm sure you are saying, how could this guy get a copy off the WLIR tape? Well......I made friends with a DJ at WCOZ in Boston (now defunct). He had done a brief stint at WLIR. When he left WLIR, he took the reel of tape with him. By the way... this was very common as I found out later. He introduced me to a few of his friends and I was able to trade various things for copies of shows. Most of the time I was able to take the tapes home. Every now and then I had to make a copy at the station. Soon he left Boston for somewhere else and we parted good friends....So....for a very brief period in my life... I got lucky......Like they say...nothing lasts forever! I hope you enjoy it. Note: This show was broadcast live on WLIR-FM's as part of its regular weekly Thursday evening show from My Father's Place. If you listen to the beginning, The DJ's make a few comments as to the fact that they have left the warmth & security of the Ultrasonic Recording Studios. This show does have a few problems. There is a hum running for a while and they have problems with the overall balance. At one point they stop to do a quick mike check. This is all that was on the tape. It does appear that Bruce comes on to do encores, but the tape just ends abruptly. Oh Well.....hope you enjoy it......Hezekiahx2 I put an MP3 below so you came check out the quality. WLIR 1/2 Track Tape --> Maxell tape @7 1/2 ips (Technics 1506) --> Tascam Prof CD Recorder --> CDWav --> Flac 01 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) 02 New York City serenade 03 Spirit in the night 04 Does this bus stop at 82nd street? 05 It's hard to be a saint in the city 06 You mean so much to me 07 Thundercrack As with all Digital releases, this is for free trade or blank media trade only. Not to be bought or sold. Keep the spirit of trading alive and well. I never used noise reduction and all my tapes are at 7 1/2 ips. The only thing I did was to take out a reel flip. Nothing has been edited out or EQ'd. " I'm sorry and I know I'm incredibly anal, but I'm specifically trying to seek out this version of the show. Thanks for your help nonetheless though.
  11. Hi All. I'm here again, begging for help! I have been filling some holes in my collection for the 73-74 period and the one last thing I'm looking for is a decent version of My Father's Place, 31st July 1973. Most of the old versions of this are hiss-tastic but Brucebase states that a master tape version emerged and I've heard a version on YouTube that sounds so much better and is probably this. There are a couple of torrents on Jungleland for this, one of which I believe to be the one I'm after, but there don't seem to be any seeders. Can anyone possibly help with a lossless flac version of this? Any help is appreciated as usual!
  12. Having been at both, I would say 2013 by a distance, even know I wasn't always keen on the E Street Orchestra...
  13. I was at this show. It was a good one. Awesome to get Long Walk Home and Long Time Coming. I remember the crowd singing parts of The River in unison as well - hairs on the back of the neck moment.