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  1. Sure, I have no problem with sharing but as I say, I don't have anything that would be considered acceptable here at the moment. If I accumulate anything else over the coming months, I will employ a bit more thought and retain the bits and pieces required to reshare here.
  2. Point taken. I've been sharing with people since the tape trading days, but take your point that I have little to offer in return here these days and therefore duly apologise and will leave you in peace.
  3. I could do that but generally, I don't keep all of the additional detritus that people usually expect from a show like checksum files, info files etc etc and I also tend to edit most of what I keep, i.e. 'correcting' fade outs between discs, removing drop outs, removing pointless bonus tracks etc and while I consider this stuff an improvement, most people would probably disagree and berate me for circulating any of it.
  4. Hi all! Is anybody able to help with the EV2 or Prodigal Son remaster of 14th March 1972, Challenger Surfboards? FLAC would be great if possible please! Thank you!
  5. I don't suppose I can jump in here and ask if anyone has the MJK5510 version of the 9th December (Lennon show) while we're on the subject? Flac would be great if possible. Thank you!
  6. Is the Godfather version of 1976-10-27 not just a copy of the same source as the 1st gen soundboard anyway? That's usually what Godfather do...
  7. Morning good people! Looking for the following in Flac to 'complete' 1976: 1976-09-29 - SANTA MONICA CIVIC AUDITORIUM, SANTA MONICA, CA - DS Archives MJK5510 1976-09-30 - SANTA MONICA CIVIC AUDITORIUM, SANTA MONICA, CA - DS Archives MJK5510 1976-10-12 - RUTGERS GYM, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Shut Out The Lights and Steal Away 1976-10-28 - PALLADIUM, NEW YORK CITY, NY - Fanatic Records (presumably this is better than the MJK5510 source?) 1976-10-29 - PALLADIUM, NEW YORK CITY, NY - Fanatic Records Many thanks for all your help as always.
  8. Wow thank you Mick! I know I ask for an awful lot around here and I am really grateful. I've become a bit of a completist if I'm honest, but working from home in these strange times has given me the time to expand the collection. Thanks for the help everyone!
  9. Hi all. Wondering if anyone can help with the following in Flac: 1976-04-05 - OHIO THEATRE, COLUMBUS, OH 1976-04-09 - REID ATHLETIC CENTER, COLGATE UNIVERSITY, HAMILTON, NY 1976-04-22 - BURRUSS AUDITORIUM, VIRGINIA TECH UNIVERSITY, BLACKSBURG, VA 1976-09-26 - ARIZONA VETERANS MEMORIAL COLISEUM, PHOENIX, AZ 1976-10-05 - SANTA BARBARA COUNTY BOWL, SANTA BARBARA, CA Many thanks for any help as usual!
  10. Coincidentally, another one I'm missing for 1976. Thanks Mick!
  11. Thank you Chevy that would be great and thank you to Mick once again also!
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