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  1. Morning all. I realise this is a slightly lengthy list and I don't expect to get everything all at once, but this is my 'shopping' list as it were for the remaining shows I'm after for 1985: 23/03/85 - Sydney 24/03/85 - Sydney - MJK5510 Transfer 04/04/85 - Melbourne - Hrubesh/Vittorio 19/04/85 - Kyoto - MJK5510 Transfer 22/04/85 - Osaka - MJK5510 Transfer 23/04/85 - Osaka - MJK5510 Transfer Any help in Flac would be great as usual. Thank you.
  2. Morning all. Possibly looking for a bit of guidance. I'm the sort of collector that collects roughly a couple of shows from each month of the major tours or more if there are a lot of particularly special recordings or special shows from a certain period. One major hole I have at the moment is the Australian and Japanese tour in 1985. There are only a few of these shows on Jungleland and information about the quality of any of the recordings from these shows is sketchy at best. I certainly don't need all of them, but does anyone have any recommendations about which shows I might want to try and obtain from this period? Are there any absolute must haves in terms of sound quality? Thanks for any help...
  3. Well, reading the info file on the buckshot transfer, it looks like this is a slight upgrade of the same source as the cre001 transfer, which is recorder 1. Buckshot mentions that a couple of missing parts in his transfer have been patched with recorder 2. So it looks like I'm probably still looking for recorder 2, although once I've downloaded this, listening to the patched parts will give me an idea as to whether recorder 2 is better I suppose! Hopefully that makes sense!!!
  4. Thank you. Actually, I see the 24 bit version is on the Jungleland tracker, so I can download that one to save you some trouble. If you can provide the EV2 version though, that would be great. Where Slane is concered, Brucebase says the following: "Two recording sources circulate, released on LP 'Dancing In Dublin' and the same source in an upgraded tape transfer ('cre001'). A second very good alternate source circulates from a tape transfer". They make it sound like the second source is superior, so I would be curious to find that. EDIT: WOW - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  5. Hi all. Wondering if anyone can help with the following in Flac: 1985-08-09 Soldier Field, Chicago, IL - EV2 Warm Night in Chicago 1985-07-07 Roundhay Park, Leeds, England - EV2 A Promise of Life AND/OR Hrubresh Transfer 1985-06-01 Slane Castle, Slane, Ireland - Alternate source tape transfer Where Leeds is concerned, if someone can definitively tell me which is the best source, then just that one will be fine. I'm not one for multiple recorders, but the word seems to be that they are both great. Any ideas? Thanks for your help as ever everyone!
  6. You people are the postmen - you always deliver! Thanks once again!!!
  7. Morning fine folks! Looking for the following in Flac to complete my 1984 inventory: 1984-10-25 - LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL SPORTS ARENA, LOS ANGELES, CA - EV2 "Palace Revolution" 1984-10-26 - LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL SPORTS ARENA, LOS ANGELES, CA - EV2 "Blood Ties Vol. 2" 1984-10-31 - LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL SPORTS ARENA, LOS ANGELES, CA - EV2 "Halloween Confidential" Thank you for any and all help as usual!
  8. Good morning campers! I wonder if any of you legendary people are able to help with the following in Flac: 1984-07-01 - ST PAUL CIVIC ARENA, ST PAUL, MN - EV2 Version 1984-07-30 - JOE LOUIS ARENA, DETROIT, MI - EV2 Version 1984-07-31 - JOE LOUIS ARENA, DETROIT, MI - EV2 Version 1984-09-22 - CIVIC ARENA, PITTSBURGH, PA - E Street "Where The Rivers Meet" Many thanks for any help as usual!
  9. Always felt this one had potential to be a great one, easily standing up with East Lansing and The Allen from that leg. Thank you!
  10. Not meaning to be a pain in the a** or appear ungrateful, but 1981-08-17 appears to be disc 3 only. Can anyone help complete this? Thank you.