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  1. "I`ll see you in my dreams" and "You`re missing".
  2. This reminds me of a visit I did few years ago on a flea market for vinyl records and cd´s. There I saw a double vinyl album from this concert in London. Don´t know if it was the first, second or last show. But it was very expensive, therefore I didn´t buy it........
  3. Without "Born In The USA" I think I wouldn´t be a fan of him or in other words I wouldn´t noticed him! It was THE album from Bruce in the 80´s and in my earliest memories I can still remember the moment when I first saw Bruce: It was the album cover with his bottom! My sister played this record all day long, so I had to be a fan.... BitU should be as it is.
  4. Downbound Train I´m On Fire No Surrender Bobby Jean I´m Going Down
  5. Born In The USA is my favorite album, but I´m not a big fan of Nebraska.....
  6. It´s time for "The Born In The USA-Box"!!!! We had "The River" -Box and I thought that we had already the "Darkness-Box"? There must be enough material for a "BITU"-Box.......
  7. Of course, I don´t think every american is like that
  8. @fadeawayYou´re right. One artist ( can´t remember who it was) said in an interview the US audience wants to see a show, like watching TV. Sitting on a chair and just watching without doing anything. One important fact is the mentality of the different nations. For example the spanish and italian audience is completely different compared with the germans or the british people.
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