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  1. In no particular order: Born In The USA I´m On Fire My Hometown Tougher Than The Rest One Step Up The Rising Hungry Heart The River The Promised Land Thunder Road
  2. She was a great actress. Really sad. Here in Germany most people know her from her role as "Emma Peel" from "The Avengers". I did see this Bond movie and it is not really a typical Bond movie. It was so sad at the end of the movie..... I love the Agatha Christie film with Peter Ustinov in "Evil under the sun".
  3. Am I the only one, who noticed this, but at the beginning he spoke a few words. Somehow, his jaw looks strange to me. O.K. he´s getting older and we didn´t see him for a long time, but somehow……..
  4. She was great. I liked this movie very much. I saw her in "Mamma Mia" and after this movie I had no doubt that she can sing this song!
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