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  1. It´s time for "The Born In The USA-Box"!!!! We had "The River" -Box and I thought that we had already the "Darkness-Box"? There must be enough material for a "BITU"-Box.......
  2. Of course, I don´t think every american is like that
  3. @fadeawayYou´re right. One artist ( can´t remember who it was) said in an interview the US audience wants to see a show, like watching TV. Sitting on a chair and just watching without doing anything. One important fact is the mentality of the different nations. For example the spanish and italian audience is completely different compared with the germans or the british people.
  4. The german rock/punk Band "Die Ärzte" had a very good publicity: they had a short performance in a news broadcast (prime time ) on the day of the release of their new album! The official reason of their performance was to remember of so many artists and people who work for them, who are completely forgotten in the corona crisis. Here in Germany many companies are getting financial support from the government during corona, for example Lufthansa got millions of Euros! So, unfortunately Bruce had no chance
  5. In no particular order: Born In The USA I´m On Fire My Hometown Tougher Than The Rest One Step Up The Rising Hungry Heart The River The Promised Land Thunder Road
  6. She was a great actress. Really sad. Here in Germany most people know her from her role as "Emma Peel" from "The Avengers". I did see this Bond movie and it is not really a typical Bond movie. It was so sad at the end of the movie..... I love the Agatha Christie film with Peter Ustinov in "Evil under the sun".
  7. Am I the only one, who noticed this, but at the beginning he spoke a few words. Somehow, his jaw looks strange to me. O.K. he´s getting older and we didn´t see him for a long time, but somehow……..
  8. She was great. I liked this movie very much. I saw her in "Mamma Mia" and after this movie I had no doubt that she can sing this song!
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