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  1. Available in the UK for pre-order from https://coles-books.co.uk/unrequited-infatuations-by-stevie-van-zandt-signed-edition I've ordered mine - used these lots and they're aways spot on.
  2. 15 months of bleak lockdown and Bruce announces new shows starting this month, sure they'll be planning for a wider tour as restrictions lift the worlds a better place already and for people who can make it enjoy!
  3. I made the original post and good to see interest in it again. Although the mines are long gone the North East region is keen to keep it's heritage, while moving on. Gestures such as the donation from Bruce will be long remembered and appreciated.
  4. Thank you so much for your post High Lonesome, your original post is beautifully written and brought tears to my eyes. My mam died last year unexpectedly after a short illness - we were there as a family to say our final goodbyes which is something I still cherish and take great solace in. Although it's hard I know mam wouldn't have wanted the lifestyle resulting from the illness and it was the right time for her to go. We didn't have the common bond of Bruce (but hey she loved Elvis!) but I can really empathise with the comfort you've found in his music. It's really tough but does get easier - I now think primarily of the happiness mam bought to me and many people. Keep talking and take care.
  5. Here you go https://www.daisycactus.com/search?type=product&q=bruce+Springsteen+
  6. My kids did me proud today with this, any other presents for Dads?
  7. Really enjoyed this, thanks for posting. It was a similar documentary in the UK that got me hooked. Bruce being interviewed interlinked with mainly TOL songs and live excerpts. I realised there was much more to the man than what I'd seen in the BITUSA video, and how down-to-earth and modest he was (and is!) I've posted previously on here about that program, I've always been convinced it was a bbc Whistle Test special and David Hepworth was interviewing, but no-ones been able to identify it. Must be just my memory, 30 odd years is a long time.......
  8. I was watching the DVD last night and just thinking of the audio. Appreciate if I could have the link please
  9. Just took a lunch break from work and watched Land of Hope and Dreams in the garden and it gave me a big lift. Yes we couldn't ask for a better travellng companion through all of this - "tomorrow will be sunshine" indeed
  10. I missed it but listened to a recording here https://www.facebook.com/221067188386474/posts/825586867934500/?vh=e&d=n Enjoyed it, whiled away some time!
  11. I love this release. The setlist works really well with the TOL tracks interspersed with the other songs, and the general pacing of the show. Bruce sounds great and it's the best I've heard Patti - particulary on 'Tougher' (with yes the horns!) which is a fantastic version. Also the way 'Ain't Got You' morphs into 'She's The One', throw in the versions of 'Brilliant Disguise', 'BITUSA', 'Reason To Believe' and the long awaited 'Walk Like A Man' - constant listening for me since it's release.
  12. Juno records in the UK has the 18 Tracks vinyl at £13.99 https://www.juno.co.uk/products/bruce-springsteen-18-tracks-reissue/762011-01/
  13. Just got home from work and these were delivered. Empty house, bottle of red opened and sound cranked up! Devils and Dust sounds brilliant and side 4 of The Rising....LINYC due tomorrow, weekend sorted.
  14. HMV on-line has the same price and also for Live in Dublin, with free delivery. https://store.hmv.com/search?searchtext=bruce+springsteen+vinyl
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