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  1. HMV on-line has the same price and also for Live in Dublin, with free delivery.
  2. Shame these releases aren't available as a box-set, same as the first two in the archive series.
  3. I can't remember seeing this before and I really enjoyed it Sarfraz Manzoor has had some incredible experiences as a fan (Bruce acknowledging enjoying his book etc) and always good to hear clips of different songs (The Promise, Independence Day) on national radio.
  4. Had heard about Bruces donation to miners during the 1985 strike but first I've seen about it - close to home: A couple of years ago but the miners union hadn't forgotten his generosity:
  5. Thanks for posting, would be great to see the whole interview but guess its lost.
  6. Just spent a couple of hours going through these and what a great way to spend a lazy Sunday morning. I hadn't seen all of these clips and as always some brought tears to my eyes but mainly I'm in awe at what a mesmerising performer he is. Matamoros, The Hitter and Black Cowboys are standouts but Jesus just knocks me out every time. Thanks Paolo for taking the time, always appreciated.