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  1. Thanks for posting, would be great to see the whole interview but guess its lost.
  2. Just spent a couple of hours going through these and what a great way to spend a lazy Sunday morning. I hadn't seen all of these clips and as always some brought tears to my eyes but mainly I'm in awe at what a mesmerising performer he is. Matamoros, The Hitter and Black Cowboys are standouts but Jesus just knocks me out every time. Thanks Paolo for taking the time, always appreciated.
  3. I think that might be a long debate!!
  4. Enjoyed this, the BBTL producer Gurinder Chadha is a big fan and Bruce comes out of the anecdotes well.
  5. I saw it in Gateshead on Monday. Really enjoyed the film, helped that I'm obviously a Bruce fan and was also a teenager in the 1980's when the film is set. Good fun and quite emotional, if a little cheesy in places (as already noted.) Great to hear so much Bruce in a cinema, my wife enjoyed it even as a non-Bruce convert! Definitely recommend the film, and the book if you haven't already read it.
  6. Sky tv customers registered for their vip service can sign-up for free advance screenings of Blinded By The Light showing on July 29th around the UK. I've registered for Newcastle and the ticket states you're not guaranteed to get in but worth a shot!
  7. ... and getting both Monongahela and Appalachia in a lyric, genius.
  8. I think Youngstown is one of his best combinations of music and words, and the lyrics are amongst his best for a full song, he just doesn't waste a word. It's expressed really well on this montage
  9. The dark blue vinyl has a marble effect which is really cool
  10. Thought I'd bump this as I found the article excellent and thought provoking. Not an interview with Bruce but with collaborators on WS and really interesting on the origins and themes of the songs. Draws comparisons to The Rising thematically and even back to Going Cali from Tracks - the author is obviously a fan. The themes he draws on - mortality, loneliness and community - make you want to listen to Western Stars even more.
  11. I pre-ordered the WS vinyl and got an email on release day saying it had been delayed because of "customs problems." It arrived on Thursday, I won't be using them again for new releases!
  12. I ordered the WS vinyl from the official store and got an email on release day saying it had been held up because of "customs problems." It arrived on Thursday - I won't be using them again for future releases.
  13. Thanks for posting, interesting read. I'd made the connection with the music but not the lyrics to this earlier genre. Another angle when listening to Western Stars.