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  1. Thanks for posting, interesting read. I'd made the connection with the music but not the lyrics to this earlier genre. Another angle when listening to Western Stars.
  2. Hi - I also bought this vinyl from the official store and got a crappy email on release day saying they may get it next week due to customs delays, how bad is that. So detour to hmv for the cd, highlight for me so far is the transition from Chasin Wild Horses into Sundown, stunning! Family out all afternoon today so I can blast it in peace, looking forward to hearing the orchestrations with the volume right up.
  3. Thanks for the tip off nine_lives, downloading now
  4. Bruce played the solo. Nils seemed to be having problems with his guitar - Bruce did a pretty good job of it
  5. I was in the mezzanine - looks like you had to be further back to appreciate it.
  6. Totally agree. The lighting during The Rising was stunning and really enhanced the performance - one of my memories of the show. It doesn’t come across at all on Netflix which is a real shame.
  7. You’re the first person so far to get a ticket through the lottery. Did you go twice?
  8. I’ve managed to watch all 8 episodes of this since Friday plus the first hour of SoB this morning. I now know how the person on the right feels!
  9. Now that the run is nearly over it would be good to have a poll to see how many Lakers applied for SoB tickets through the verified fan and offical lottery process and got tickets; and how people got tickets through other means. So type of questions: 1. Did you apply for tickets using Verified Fan Y/N 1.1 Were you successful? Y/N 1.2 Did you get a ticket through other means? 2. Did you apply through the official lottery Y/N 2.1 Were you successful? Y/N 2.2 Did you get a ticket through other means? 3. Did you get tickets through other means (not Verified Fan or official lottery) Y/N 2.1 How did you get your ticket (i) Stubhub (ii) other ticketing agency (iii) through a friend or acquaintance (iv) from a tout (v) through a competition (vi) other, please state. It would be interesting to get a snapshot of how many genuine fans got tickets through the official channels, and there's probably not going to be a better gauge done elsewhere. I'm no expert on questionnaire type questions/format and I'm sure there's more to add, and I have no idea how to put polls on here if anyone is willing after comments on the format and questions.
  10. Thanks for posting I really enjoyed that - counting down the days now to re-live the experience.
  11. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I love D&D and this gives a different listening experience, it's like having Bruce sing to you in your living room. Thanks again.
  12. The journalist states twice in his article about touring next year and also the new record being released - Bruces' management are so scrupulous on everything they wouldn't have allowed the article to be released if it was incorrect. Anyway, what else is he going to do when he gets "back to my day job"??
  13. The Sunday Times has a 2 page spread of the photo - their caption identifies every photograph on the wall except the mystery one! Other than confirming it is a woman I have no idea who it is, all I can guess is a young Patti (as others have suggested.) Anyway, hope this helps.... IMG_20181202_0001.pdf
  14. I tried 2 shows in DSD during this sale, to try for comparison with Flac-HD. First impressions are that I can't hear any noticable difference, although I haven't done any detailed comparisons (I'd prefer to enjoy the shows!) - certainly not anything to justify the extra cost. I've got a decent setup so will stick with Flac-HD for the moment. Incidentally the shows are Chicago 99 and Columbus 2005, I wanted to try full band and solo.
  15. Yes I did think that when following the thread, commission from Nugs