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  1. "Hey Alex" is taking there info from the not totally accurate tweet by the French DJ Zegut, that was discussed earlier. It's a broker website. Nothing new here.
  2. The last home game of the season is schedule on May 22d at the Camp Nou. I would be suprise if they play there during a weekday and also would be surprised if they play there the following week-end. Olympic Stadium, May 21st could work.
  3. Red Hot shows are in July but the stadium is booked every week-end from mid-May to late July. Several shows are still to be announced.
  4. No I guess that's the same rumor, with confirmations from other sources for a specific date (late-May).
  5. Strong rumor : Paris, Stade de France, late-may, Saturday night.
  6. The fellow announced a large European tour a few days ago.
  7. Fabrice


    I agree that Marca cannot be trust in these matters. As several Spanish newspaper, Marca is the voice of a club rather than an independant media outlet. To be fair, everybody (players, agent, clubs..) is trying to use medias for their own interests during the transfer window. Fake news, fake twitter accounts, fake sources, fake statistics, fake rumors : we've seen it all. It's very likely that Mbappé wants to go to Madrid at some point. Will he join next year? It's an option but I would not disregard him signing again to PSG for a year or two or going somewhere else. Was a ready to go this summer? He's smart enough to know that it could have been bad for him to fight with PSG for something he could achieve in a few months from now (and playing with Messi is not too shabby). Was the Real really commited to get him this summer? Their effort was really late and that kind of signing takes times to arrange. Florentino Perez is heavy in business with Qatar so I think he knew what was going on and what lines to cross or not. In the other hand, they tried their luck and hoped to clinch the transfer before the player goes free agent. So far, they showed the player they care, they showed their fans they want another "galactico". They also silently signed Camavinga for "cheap", a player that PSG intended to get as well. On the Champion's League topic, it has sucked the blood of most of the continental competitions. Maybe the PL is an exception - I personnally don't think so and Manchester City would be happy to trade two of their PL titles for a CL title. But Bayern has won the last 10 titles in the Bundesliga, Juventus won 9 out of 10, PSG 7 out of 10 and even in Spain the rivalry Madrid/Barcelona is settled on the European pitchs as much as in the Liga. It's sad to me. I am bit tired to see the same teams playing the same games every year. I preferred the old days when the champion of Poland or Greece were actually scary to play and could reach the final stages of the competition. Someone mentioned Nottingham Forrest, it's fun to remember that they played thier first final versus Malmo. The year after Liverpool faced Club Brugges. This is not coming back.
  8. Fabrice


    PSG is a political matter for Qatar. It's a tool of soft power.
  9. Fabrice


    PSG asked 220 million. If the source is the Spanish press, I would take their word with a grain of salt. Anyway, money is not the key. It's going to be a political decision in Qatar.
  10. Fabrice


    PSG said no as you could have expected. As Mbappe would be free in six months from now, I don't see Real Madrid offering a much higher bid. Considering that PSG will have to pay 35 million euros to Monaco if they sell Mbappe, I guess they won't settle for less than 2OO million+. Overall, I can't say that I would agree with that sentence : "The timing and size of the bid has been designed to ensure PSG can sign a replacement if they agree to sell Mbappe". Probably too late and too little.
  11. "They" refers to the Stones (as Charlie Watts's health was mentionned). There has been several pieces in the French press about "negociations" with festivals and a special event show in Paris. I think that this has been covered in IORR (a forum dedicated to the Stones).
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