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  1. I think that what it was supposed to be in their original plan (large outdoor venues in Eastern US). If they indeed released their holds, that ship has sailed. Will they change their minds? Will they be able to book a tour if they do?
  2. The announcement was postponed with very short notice late November, in the context of the discovery of Omicron. Everything was ready so long distance travel was not the issue. What I meant by "for whatever reason of their own" is there might be several reasons that lead to the "cancellation" of the tour. Maybe they felt uncomfortable to tour, maybe it was too complicate to establish a protocol that would work everywhere, maybe they were afraid of cancellations, maybe there was a domino effect between Europe and US. Overall, I think it's "issues on top of issues" that lead to their decision. And I mean "professional" issues not "personal" issues.
  3. It looks like they cancelled their holds for the US summer tour (according to posters on BTX). We don't know exactly what was the reasonning behind the cancellation of the tour. The fact is they don't think that they can announce a tour for now, for whatever reason of their own.
  4. It looks like everything have been scrapped for 2022. Can they change their mind for later in the year? I guess it's possible but it does not look like the current plan. But it's early January so I hope things can be different later in the year.
  5. Yes but it's a different thing for tours that were already announced/on sale. It looks like it has everything to do the difficulty to plan a tour under the current circumstances.
  6. Several voices in several countries are saying the same thing (people on BTX, Point Blank club in Spain, the Dutch fan club, etc). The tour that was planned for 2022 in Europe won't happen. It's sad but it is what it is.
  7. Non sense, tickets for the Spanish shows were on sale Mid-December 2011. I don't what to say anymore : many Euro shows for the WB tour were announced in late 2011 and on sale in December 2011.... long before the Janauray press release. These are facts. ENGLAND'S DREAMING: FIRST 2012 EUROPEAN DATES ANNOUNCED Less than 12 hours after Springsteen's official site confirmed a 2012 tour, we have four dates on the calendar, all in the U.K. On July 14, Springsteen and the E Street Band will come back to the site of their Live in Hyde Park performance for a Hard Rock Calling return engagement, preceded by their first performance at the Isle of Wight Festival and stadium stops in Sunderland and Manchester in June. Ticket sales are just around the corner, with Isle of Wight on sale the day after Thanksgiving, and both Sunderland and London on sale December 3. ITALY: E' UFFICIALE! As announced by Italian promoter Barley Arts, we now have three Italian dates on the schedule, preceding the U.K. dates in June. Bruce and the E Street Band will play stadiums in Milan (June 7), Florence (June 10), and Trieste (June 11). Tickets for Milan go on sale on Thanksgiving (this Thursday, 11/24), with the other two cities on sale the following Thursday, 12/1, through ticketone.it. FROM SPAIN: SECOND BARCELONA SHOW ADDED; SEVILLE ONSALE MOVED The second stop on the 2012 European leg, Barcelona, has just been expanded to two nights: Springsteen and the E Street Band will now play Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18 at the Olympic Stadium. The newly added May 18 show goes on sale December 15 at www.ticketmaster.es. For the opening night of the leg, Sunday, May 13 in Seville, the ticket sale has been pushed back to December 16 at 10 a.m.
  8. Like I wrote, you should browse the archives and you'll see that shows were announced beginning November 21st. I am talking about official announcement with ticket sales, from UK, Italy, Holland, Portugal... . The January 24th press release was just a wrap up of dates already announced!
  9. The first dates were announced late November 2011 (you can browse the Backstreets news archive and you'll see that following the first announcement, shows were announced in late November and December 2011, with 3 UK shows being announced on November 21st). http://www.backstreets.com/newsarchive49.html See the Backstreets news, November 20th 2011 : ABSOLUTELY CORRECT: BRUCE TO TOUR WITH E STREET BAND IN 2012 New album "almost done," further details to come "real soon" The lifting of the traditional cone of silence is almost as welcome as the news itself! Just posted tonight on brucespringsteen.net: Well, things are starting to heat up down on E Street. A lot of you have been hearing that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be on tour in 2012. That is absolutely correct. The European dates run from the middle of May until end of July and are being announced this week. Info on the US dates and the World tour dates will coming up shortly. In addition, we want you to know that the music is almost done (but still untitled), we have almost settled on the release date (but not quite yet), and that we are all incredibly excited about everything that we're planning for 2012. That's all the info we have for right now, but we'll get back to you — real soon. If you didn't already have plenty to be thankful for... that's a hell of a way to kick off Thanksgiving week. - November 20, 2011
  10. FIY : this is from one of the Spanish fan-club (Stone Pony). It's in Spanish. El anuncio oficial de la gira de Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band que parecía inminente en las últimas semanas se está demorando a causa del aumento de casos de Covid en muchos paises europeos y no poder garantizarse ahora mismo aforos al 100% en los estadios, así como los controles de acceso a los mismos con mucha gente todavía no vacunada. Aunque todavía puede producirse dicho anuncio antes de Navidad, nos inclinamos más a que se demore a enero o febrero 2022 una vez se vea el desarrollo de casos tras las Navidades. Esto no es noticia, es sólo una opinión que tenemos en el club, ya un poco cansados de tanto rumor y listados de fechas y ciudades de escasa o nula credibilidad. Hay que recordar que en 2016, la gira española que se desarrolló en mayo, no fue confirmada hasta mediados de febrero, vendiéndose las entradas a primeros de marzo, con 2 meses y medio de antelación a los conciertos. Hay que tener en cuenta que una gira europea en estadios debería tener unas 25-30 fechas, dada la enorme estructura que se moviliza: dos escenarios, camiones, buses, de 100 a 150 roadies... Por ello no creemos factible anunciar fechas hasta que paises como Alemania, Paises Bajos o Reino Unido garantizen aforos completos. Creemos que es mucho mejor para todos que esperen unas semanas en confirmarlo, cuando vean realmente que hay cierta normalidad, antes de estar posponiendo o cancelando fechas. Todos tenemos unas ganas locas por verles de nuevo en directo, y seguro que Bruce y la banda son los primeros que desean regresar a la carretera, pero en ocasiones así hay que mantener la calma y tener más paciencia aún. Crucemos dedos. No Surrender!
  11. The WB tour was announced late November. This tour was planned to be announce at the same time, regardless of the book and No Nukes. The Eventim tweet was scheduled accordingly. It's not the book or No Nukes that has delayed the announcement.
  12. I do believe that their original plan was to announce the European tour before December. The sales of No Nukes are "small" and will stay that way : 9K in the UK and 16 K in the US (for week 1). And those countries are leading the sales. There is not much to "kill".
  13. Non sense, the 1968 flu did not kill 1 million in the US. It killed 1 million in the world according to CDC, and about 100 K in the US (to be fair population size was not the same). https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/1968-pandemic.html
  14. The last issue of the French Rolling Stone magazine has Bruce and Obama on cover. It's fresh of the printers. Just minutes ago actually. And the chief editor, in his column, concludes with : "À propos de jours meilleurs, l’annonce d’une tournée du Boss en 2022 est imminente." "Speaking of better days, an announcement for a tour in 2022 is pending". https://www.rollingstone.fr/et-bruce-de ... to-rs-138/
  15. I am not saying this will happen next Thursday (it does not have to be on a Thursday) but if the idea is to announce European shows first, I don't think that Thanksgiving is a real concern. Announcements might come at different times (as there might be 1 or 2 festivals and festivals have theit own agenda).
  16. It's hardly a secret, there has been negociations to tour in Europe in 2022. For quite a while. As often, this has been blurred by fake or phony "rumors". We're all eager to see this confirmed with specifics (dates and location). It's coming. Be patient. 2014 was a totally different story : Bruce toured Europe heavily in 2012 and 2013. He did not play a single show in the US in 2013.
  17. His music generates new incomes every year (that is of course taxed as new incomes). Some think that he would pay less taxes with a lump sum (paid by Sony) than he would pay with annual "pay checks" (for copyright, licensing). I am not sure it's the bottom of the story (as nobody knows how taxes would evolve in the next 10 or 20 years) but some may argue otherwise.
  18. If Sony gets the deal, it does not mean that the way things are done would be dramatically different. I don't think that Bruce will give up his artisitic controll on new records. I am not even sure they will do advertising. The point of the deal is to get the money into a single pocket. That's what Sony would buy. To be honest, the "small" Springsteen team is aging. With Sony "in control", I can see them doing a "revamp" of the catalog with standard, deluxe, ultra-deluxe, vinyl collector box sets releases of key records (like the Beatles or the Stones). (Some) fans will be happier because we will get more stuff to buy. And yes, there will be more money grab (how many releases of Let It Be did we get in the last 10 years?).
  19. Basically, the GA floor is divided in 2. If it works, you'll see a seating chart for Red Hot Chilli that is using a "Front of Stage" area (called "Pelouse Or"/Golden Pitch). You can find such system mostly in France, Germany or Swizterland. PS : it can get as sophisticated, as "Early Front of the Stage" that are charged with a Premium vs "Front of The Stage". I am sure someday we'll get to "Early Front of the Stage with dedicated lines to the rest rooms".
  20. Rock In Roma is a different beast. It's an umbrella more than a festival. If you like it's a collection of "individual" shows more than a proper festival. Each artist is promoted differently. And it's not a Live Nation event.
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