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  1. I was wondering where Brussels' sales are counted. Given the size of the city, that would make a huge difference in terms of sales/actual success of the record in Belgium.
  2. Unfortunatly, I don't think we've sources as reliable and comprehensives since Earthslaver is not around anymore. US and UK sales can be tracked through this forum UK MIX : https://www.ukmix.org/forum/chart-discussion/chart-analysis I am tracking French sales through various channels. Certification (or absence of certification) provide some informations but are not precise. Thanks for posting the total by mediatrafic. I think sales are better than Western Stars.
  3. Total for Letter For You 2020 in the UK : 122K (#31 overall). Letter For You has been certified Gold in the UK, Italy (25K) and Spain (20K shipment). It did not reach (yet?) Gold Status in Switzerland or Austria despite strong perfomances in the charts (#4 in the yearly Swiss chart and #5 in the Austrian yearly). Unless I am mistaken it means the record sold less than 15K copies in those countries.
  4. Total sales to date : 180 K (USA), 120 K (UK). A bit more details that I know of : good end of the year in the French charts, sales are up for the fourth week in a row (sales not charts positions) with 5.6K last week. Total to date is circa 43K/45K. We'll see in the coming weeks if Letter To You can clinch "Gold" or is going to fell short by a few thousands like Western Stars did.
  5. Sales were 9K, total to date is 161K (already better than Western Stars).
  6. Thanks! A quick update for France : #30 in actual sales (excluding streamings) with 5.3K. If you look at "international" acts, Letter To You is #3 (#1 is AC/DC and #2 is the jazz singer Melody Gardot). AC/DC's last record is a smash hit : 30K/week and 150K total so far.
  7. It looks like the sales are lower than usual this December in the UK. T. Swift is #1 with 27k and Bruce sold 7.8K this week. Total sales for the UK : 104K That's #32 in overall sales for 2020.
  8. I think it will be. I had a look at the number for France. It went from 1.5K/week during lockdown to 5K last week. This is the holidays shopping bump (and also the effect of reopening record stores). Letter To You was #37 for November (in the charts that includes streamings, it would be it in the top 15 in terms of actual sales). 43 out of the Top 50 were local productions. Letter To You was #5 in records from "international" artists. The new AC/DC blows the charts, it's already Platinium (100K). Letter To You hit the 30K mark last week (and it's likely to sell around 45K/50K depen
  9. Yes but in Germany, the charts are based on revenue which (mostly) excludes streaming and this is very favorable to artists like Bruce. Charts (such as in the US) that include streams are mostly impossible to comprehend and to compare.
  10. PS : A quick question (for people with deep knowledge of Bruce's touring history!) : while doing some archive works, we found several references to "potential" European Tour(s) in 1978/1979/1980 which is hardly a surprise. Attempts and rumors were obviously on the agenda at the time. But, I was striked by the fact that several newspaper had a Springsteen concert "to be held in Paris, October 1st 1978" as a fact. Were there any rumors at the time for other shows in Europe?
  11. Hi everyone, we're starting a project called French River 81 (it’s likely going to be a book but it could also feature an audio/video component). This project focuses on the release of The River in France and the concerts held during the Spring of 1981 but it will cover the previous years as there was a long wait before these concerts but "things" were happening nonetheless. We already “discovered” some pretty cool and interesting stuffs! We're looking for all testimonies, photos and souvenirs from that period. If you happen to have attended one of these concerts, please get in touch with
  12. I think the double cd has the "studio album" as bonus CD.
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