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  1. Money out the door to Mikey. Thanks for everyone's hard work tending to the Lake
  2. I was actually out of my house last night interacting with other humans , including Mikey and his very delightful other half. The Mighty Max and his jukebox were in Denver last night so Mikey didn't even know that I had posted. Do you have an alert set when one of your Chickies posts?
  3. The NFL has now gone to 100% electronic for tickets. They pretend that it is for "ticket security" but that is total garbage. Unless you change the privacy settings, they can track your location and activities in the stadium at all times. They have taken away season tickets if the holders sell too many games. They now have the ability to track all tickets down to the smallest detail. The lines to get into games are incredibly long due to the ridiculous amount of time it takes to scan tickets from a phone because they haven't figured out the technology for the scanners.
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