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  1. Watching Ollis Bruce Live at Leeds arena blu ray Someone is completely unimpressed
  2. Hope everyone has a great day,shall be following SLV this evening as usual,hope to meet some of you folks in Leeds tomorrow,rock on Cardiff!
  3. Nice to see Leeds rolling out the welcome mat,looks like a great day planned,I quite fancy the idea of the diner in the yellow school bus!
  4. Hes certainly pulling stuff out of left field as the tour draws to an end,this is an amazing setlist,lord knows what surprises await Cardiff and Leeds
  5. They are reasonable and legitimate questions,just not for Tony they arent
  6. Absolutely,if any leeds resident feels aggrieved,they should be taking this matter to their local MP/councillor,Tony is the Arena MANAGER,he implements policy,he doesn't make it. He has very kindly come here to answer any LOGISTICAL questions we may have and is to be applauded for that,he didn't decide the methods of funding of the arena and subsequent ticket arrangements relating to that himself now did he?
  7. Any pics from the q? I take my hat off to the folks starting this early
  8. Hope everyone in Belfast has a great day,hope it stays sunny,but not unbearably so-stay safe in the sun!
  9. Just wanna say,although I am not attending this one,the information found and shared about Cardiff by Casino Nancy in this and the other threads has been absolutely amazing! The epitome of a great community member! Hope you all have a fabulous time,Cardiff is a beautiful city,been there a few times for the rugby and a warm welcome is always assured.
  10. Hope all attending have a great time! Shall be following SLV later
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