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  1. Giant moth rarely seen by humans spotted at school in Australia
  2. Don't think this will be a popular point of view here...interesting to read a different perspective maybe I see the writer loves feedback so feel free to enlighten him http://bigozine2.com/feature/?p=1876
  3. 1 pound 9 shillings and sixpence ($2.95) (Cheap seats) Beatles Christchurch 1964...works out to about $60 in todays money First show of many for me Thank you mom for the birthday present
  4. Already got a copy from your original link (may thanks again ) however to perhaps ease your worries Jungleland is downloading just fine to me as we speak Cheers
  5. Many thanks for this...appreciate the work you have put in testing it out on the neighbors as we speak....got to be some good coming out of this lockdown Cheers
  6. Hi Daisy

    just returning your message...I've been inhabiting the now dark and dusty recesses of the GL trading forum since 2003...I signed up here after talking to a Laker at the Auckland Rising Show...it used to be much busier back then  in the days of trees and vines when this forum and SPL were the only way to source Bruce boots...I miss the days of arriving home to open the mail and see what had arrived that day,..the trading forum has certainly died since Jungleland and Dimeadozen were set up... most of the peeps that frequented the board in those days don't seem to appear any more and I've  lost touch  most of them as they have taken up downloading instead of snail mail



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