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  1. I got my information from buying a ticket. Zone 110 and 121 from airport to Z. HB!!!  I don't get my information.  I AM HERE. I don't read instructions from a guidebook. I only give facts.  And I am pissing tired of whining and complaining people who don't know how to get from point A to B. And trying to help them they start complaining again. This is the reason I don't use this board a lot. Only Facebook groups where people appreciate you. I hope you got number 600  and can't see shit. 

  2. Just to be clear. Nobody  is stayjng all night. But I don't think the current roll callers will leave until late evening tonight. 

  3. It's Hard to be a Saint in the City. - Tower Theater -195. Great guitar solo.
  4. Last week Prove it All night - comparing Winterland (1978) and Agora (1978)... both excellent - can't decide which one is the better? Today 3 hours Live concert Rome July 2013 - Kittys Back and New York City Serenade - I keep coming back to those two - stunning performance
  5. Thanks - just did it... but if I want to insert a picture - not in thumbnail size - but "natural" size... like say BrilliantDisguise does it all the time.. how do I do then? Sorry for beeing such a melon... I've just read that I should choose "more reply options button" - choose file/attach file .. bottom left corner and that should be that. I've got a few very upfront pics of Bruce which I would like to share . Appreciate a manual for dummies.
  6. Trying to figure out how to attach and insert pics???.... How do you enhance pics ??
  7. Winterland 1978 - The Fever - very cool bluesy mellow version.
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