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  1. Week 8 5 October Brighton v Tottenham forgot -already started. Burnley v Everton 1-1 Liverpool v Leicester 2-1 Norwich v Aston Villa 2-1 Watford v Sheffield United 0-2 West Ham v Crystal Palace 2-1 6 October Arsenal v Bournemouth 2-2 Man City v Wolverhampton 3-0 Southampton v Chelsea 1-2 Newcastle v Man United 2-1
  2. Week 7 28 September Sheffield United v Liverpool 0-3 Aston Villa v Burnley 1-1 Bournemouth v West Ham 2-1 Chelsea v Brighton 3-0 Crystal Palace v Norwich 1-1 Tottenham v Southampton 2-1 Wolverhampton v Watford 1-1 Everton v Man City 0-4 29 September Leicester v Newcastle 3-1 30 September Man United v Arsenal 1-2
  3. Week 6 20 September Southampton v Bournemouth - missed 21 September Leicester v Tottenham -missed Burnley v Norwich 1-2 Everton v Sheffield United 1-1 Man City v Watford 4-0 Newcastle v Brighton 2-2 22 September Crystal Palace v Wolverhampton 2-1 West Ham v Man United 2-1 Arsenal v Aston Villa 2-0 Chelsea v Liverpool 2-1
  4. Week 5 14 September Liverpool v Newcastle 4-1 Brighton v Burnley 1-0 Man United v Leicester 1-3 Sheffield United v Southampton 1-1 Tottenham v Crystal Palace 2-1 Wolverhampton v Chelsea 2-3 Norwich v Man City 0-3 15 September Bournemouth v Everton 1-2 Watford v Arsenal 0-2 16 September Aston Villa v West Ham 1-2
  5. I'm leaving @ 5:45 am to drive almost an hour to watch @ the supporters pub.
  6. Week 4 31 August Southampton v Man United 1-1 Chelsea v Sheffield United 2-0 Crystal Palace v Aston Villa 1-1 Leicester v Bournemouth 2-1 Man City v Brighton 4-0 Newcastle v Watford 1-0 West Ham v Norwich 1-2 Burnley v Liverpool 0-3 1 Sept Everton v Wolverhampton 2-1 Arsenal v Tottemham 1-2
  7. No, it's our NBC affiliate that elected to pre-empt the PL in favor of Cardinals-Vikings. I haven't heard of anyplace Chromecasting it.
  8. Week 3 23 August Aston Villa v Everton 1-1 24 August Norwich v Chelsea 1-2 Brighton v Southampton 1-0 Man United v Crystal Palace 3-1 Sheffield United v Leicester 1-2 Watford V West Ham 1-1 Liverpool v Arsenal 3-2 25 August Bournemouth v Man City 0-4 Tottenham v Newcastle 3-0 Wolverhampton v Burnley 2-0
  9. Liverpool-Arsenal not on the tube in Phoenix this weekend due to a Cardinals preseason hand-egg game. Have to watch on my tablet. Shit.
  10. Week 2 17 August Arsenal v Burnley 3-1 Aston Villa v Bournemouth 1-0 Brighton v West Ham 1-1 Everton v Watford 2-1 Norwich v Newcastle. 1-1 Southampton v Liverpool 1-3 Man City v Tottenham 3-1 18 August Sheffield United v Crystal Palace 2-0 Chelsea v Leicester 2-1 19 August Wolverhampton v Man United 2-2
  11. Watched with the Chelsea supporters for Away Day at the Man U supporters bar. Not a whole lot of fun in the second half. However, I will say that we Blues supporters sing better and louder than the Red Devil supporters. Gotta find something to be happy about.
  12. Week 1 9 August Liverpool v Norwich 3-1 10 August West Ham v Man City 1-3 Bournemouth v Sheffield United 2-1 Burnley v Southampton 1-1 Crystal Palace v Everton 1-2 Watford v Brighton 2-0 Tottenham v Aston Villa 2-1 11 August Leicester v Wolverhampton 2-1 Newcastle v Arsenal 1-3 Man United v Chelsea 1-2
  13. Has anyone heard if Darkness is starting a new prediction game?
  14. I don't know. I just knew that somehow we ended up with two leagues and I ended up not really playing in either one.
  15. I watch as many games as I can during every WWC. I will never forget Rapinhoe's pass to Wambaugh in the final seconds against Brazil in the semis in '11. As brilliant a moment as I've ever seen, regardless of the gender of the players. Brilliant is brilliant.
  16. Interesting article. Thanks for posting Jim!
  17. As a former sportswriter I can't even imagine that.
  18. Not only that Billy, but McNamara had substituted Stapleton for Buckner in the last inning for defensive purposes in every game the Sox led for the last two months. I still will never understand why he didn't in that game.
  19. I still hate Bart Starr. That qb sneak in the Ice Bowl is indelibly planted in my memory. JERRY KRAMER WAS OFFSIDE!!!!
  20. Interesting article from the NYT on how Liverpool rely on analytics in scouting and game management. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/22/magazine/soccer-data-liverpool.html
  21. The second and third times I saw Bruce were at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix on the WIESS tour in 1974. Danny O'Keefe opened both of those shows and played Goodtime Charley both times.
  22. I really like "Hello Sunshine" a lot. But it's been driving me crazy trying to figure out why it sounded so familiar. It finally hit me a few minutes ago. Listen to this and tell me there's not an uncanny resemblance.