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  1. On 11/16/2019 at 11:22 PM, Royston Vasey said:

    I attended the first home game of the season back in August v Leicester and it was clear something special was in the air even before the teams came out. The love for the new manager was palpable. 4 months on, it seems in Frank Lampard, the club have seemingly pulled off a master stroke.

    Clearly it was a risky appointment as Frank’s managerial CV is hardly lengthy, but already it looks like being a gem of a decision.....and of course coupled with the transfer ban, absolutely nothing is expected this season, so anything like say a top 4 finish is just one huge bonus.

    Frank will only be judged in about a year’s time, once he has had a full season under his belt and once the transfer ban is lifted, at the latest, next summer.

    For now, every Chelsea fan is ecstatic with life, loving every minute, and made all the better with the meltdown ongoing at Spurs, West Ham, Arsenal & Man Utd.

    The football is mesmerising and the way the ‘kids’ are being given a chance (at last) and shining, well it’s unbelievable.

    The likes of Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Abraham, Reece James and Tomori are that good that they could make up nearly half of England’s regular starting line up in years to come. Add Loftus-Cheek to that list once he is back from his achilles injury. Imagine England starting with 6 Chelsea players !

    Good luck to Frank, an absolute gent and clearly someone developing into a top manager. The future at Stamford Bridge is looking rosy.

    Well said.

  2. Week 9

    19 October

    Everton v West Ham 1-1

    Aston Villa v Brighton 2-0

    Bournemouth v Norwich 2-0

    Chelsea v Newcastle 3-0

    Leicester v Burnley 2-1

    Tottenham v Watford 2-1

    Wolverhampton v Southampton 2-0

    Crystal Palace v Man City 1-2

    20 October

    Man United v Liverpool 0-4

    21 October

    Sheffield United v Arsenal 1-2

  3. Week 8

    5 October

    Brighton v Tottenham forgot -already started.

    Burnley v Everton 1-1

    Liverpool v Leicester 2-1

    Norwich v Aston Villa 2-1

    Watford v Sheffield United 0-2

    West Ham v Crystal Palace 2-1

    6 October

    Arsenal v Bournemouth 2-2

    Man City v Wolverhampton 3-0

    Southampton v Chelsea 1-2

    Newcastle v Man United 2-1

  4. Week 7

    28 September

    Sheffield United v Liverpool 0-3

    Aston Villa v Burnley 1-1

    Bournemouth v West Ham 2-1

    Chelsea v Brighton 3-0

    Crystal Palace v Norwich 1-1

    Tottenham v Southampton 2-1

    Wolverhampton v Watford 1-1

    Everton v Man City 0-4

    29 September

    Leicester v Newcastle 3-1

    30 September

    Man United v Arsenal 1-2

  5. Week 6

    20 September

    Southampton v Bournemouth - missed

    21 September

    Leicester v Tottenham -missed

    Burnley v Norwich 1-2

    Everton v Sheffield United 1-1

    Man City v Watford 4-0

    Newcastle v Brighton 2-2

    22 September

    Crystal Palace v Wolverhampton 2-1

    West Ham v Man United 2-1

    Arsenal v Aston Villa 2-0

    Chelsea v Liverpool 2-1

  6. Week 5

    14 September

    Liverpool v Newcastle 4-1

    Brighton v Burnley 1-0

    Man United v Leicester 1-3

    Sheffield United v Southampton 1-1

    Tottenham v Crystal Palace 2-1

    Wolverhampton v Chelsea 2-3

    Norwich v Man City 0-3

    15 September

    Bournemouth v Everton 1-2

    Watford v Arsenal 0-2

    16 September

    Aston Villa v West Ham 1-2

  7. On 9/11/2019 at 10:43 AM, AMIW said:

    TGLITW is back but NBC have decided not to show @Mission Man in AZ 's beloved Chelsea or Man U or even @Patched Tube 's Sheffield United :(

    Saturday, September 14

    Liverpool vs. Newcastle, 7:30am, NBCSN, Universo, 

    Spurs vs. Crystal Palace, 10am, NBCSN, Universo, 

    Norwich vs. Manchester City, 12:30pm, NBC, Universo, 

    Sunday, September 15

    Bournemouth vs. Everton, 9am, NBCSN, 

    Watford vs. Arsenal, 11:30am, NBCSN, Telemundo, 

    Monday, September 16

    Aston Villa vs. West Ham, 3pm, NBCSN

    I'm leaving @ 5:45 am to drive almost an hour to watch @ the supporters pub. :)

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  8. Week 4

    31 August

    Southampton  v Man United 1-1

    Chelsea v Sheffield United 2-0

    Crystal Palace v Aston Villa 1-1

    Leicester v Bournemouth 2-1

    Man City v Brighton 4-0

    Newcastle v Watford 1-0

    West Ham v Norwich 1-2

    Burnley v Liverpool 0-3

    1 Sept

    Everton v Wolverhampton 2-1

    Arsenal v Tottemham 1-2

  9. Week 3

    23 August

    Aston Villa v Everton 1-1

    24 August

    Norwich v Chelsea 1-2

    Brighton v Southampton 1-0

    Man United v Crystal Palace 3-1

    Sheffield United v Leicester 1-2

    Watford V West Ham 1-1

    Liverpool v Arsenal 3-2

    25 August

    Bournemouth v Man City 0-4

    Tottenham v Newcastle 3-0

    Wolverhampton v Burnley 2-0

  10. Week 2

    17 August

    Arsenal v Burnley 3-1

    Aston Villa v Bournemouth 1-0

    Brighton v West Ham 1-1

    Everton v Watford 2-1

    Norwich v Newcastle. 1-1

    Southampton v Liverpool 1-3

    Man City v Tottenham 3-1

    18 August

    Sheffield United v Crystal Palace 2-0

    Chelsea v Leicester 2-1

    19 August

    Wolverhampton v Man United 2-2

  11. Watched with the Chelsea supporters for Away Day at the Man U supporters bar. Not a whole lot of fun in the second half. However, I will say that we Blues supporters sing better and louder than the Red Devil supporters. Gotta find something to be happy about. :)

  12. Week 1

    9 August

    Liverpool v Norwich 3-1

    10 August

    West Ham v Man City 1-3

    Bournemouth v Sheffield United 2-1

    Burnley v Southampton 1-1

    Crystal Palace v Everton 1-2

    Watford v Brighton 2-0

    Tottenham v Aston Villa 2-1

    11 August

    Leicester v Wolverhampton 2-1

    Newcastle v Arsenal 1-3

    Man United v Chelsea 1-2

  13. 11 hours ago, Ann Jones said:

    Anyone joining me in watching this, or will I be alone in my corner defending the women like last time;)

    I watch as many games as I can during every WWC. I will never forget Rapinhoe's pass to Wambaugh in the final seconds against Brazil in the semis in '11. As brilliant a moment as I've ever seen, regardless of the gender of the players. Brilliant is brilliant.

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  14. On 5/27/2019 at 4:13 PM, BillyB said:

    The other thing that some people forget is that the game was already tied when Mookie hit that grounder. While we all know anything can happen in baseball...in my mind the Mets had that game won...even if it took more extra innings. 

    To me the passed ball by Gedman was as glaring an error as Buckners...and it tied the game, but is never mentioned.  

    Anyway...I always felt that Buckner got a bum rap for that one play and it's a shame...he had a fantastic career. That's what should be talked about.

    Not only that Billy, but McNamara had substituted Stapleton for Buckner in the last inning for defensive purposes in every game the Sox led for the last two months. I still will never understand why he didn't in that game.

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