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  1. I still hate Bart Starr. That qb sneak in the Ice Bowl is indelibly planted in my memory. JERRY KRAMER WAS OFFSIDE!!!!
  2. Interesting article from the NYT on how Liverpool rely on analytics in scouting and game management. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/22/magazine/soccer-data-liverpool.html
  3. The second and third times I saw Bruce were at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix on the WIESS tour in 1974. Danny O'Keefe opened both of those shows and played Goodtime Charley both times.
  4. I really like "Hello Sunshine" a lot. But it's been driving me crazy trying to figure out why it sounded so familiar. It finally hit me a few minutes ago. Listen to this and tell me there's not an uncanny resemblance.
  5. Congrats @Tacitus (again)! Thanks @DarknessandHope for doing this again. I'll be looking forward to next season!
  6. Week 37 3 May Everton v Burnley 2-0 4 May Bournemouth v Tottenham 1-1 West Ham v Southampton 2-1 Wolverhampton v Fulham 2-0 Cardiff v Crystal Palace 1-1 Newcastle v Liverpool 1-2 5 May Chelsea v Watford 2-0 Huddersfield v Man United 0-2 Arsenal v Brighton 2-0 6 May Man City v Leicester 3-1
  7. Fulham has a history of signing American players. Clint Dempsey and Brian McBride leap to mind.
  8. Week 36 26 April Liverpool v Huddersfield 2-0 27 April Tottenham v West Ham 2-1 Crystal Palace v Everton 1-1 Fulham v Cardiff 1-0 Southampton v Bournemouth 2-0 Watford v Wolverhampton 2-2 Brighton v Newcastle 1-2 28 April Leicester v Arsenal 2-0 Burnley v Man City 0-4 Man United v Chelsea 0-2
  9. I played golf but watched it in the evening. Fortunately, I had already heard the score. Knowing that meant it wasn't all that exciting. Had I seen it live, I might have had a stroke in the second half.
  10. Combined with MC beating Spurs and MU getting throttled, it's been a great couple of days for Chelsea! I sincerely can't believe they're still in the top four race.
  11. That was one of those games it was quite worth getting up at 5:15 to see just for pure personal pleasure!
  12. Week 35 20 April Man City v Tottenham - too late Bournemouth v Fulham 2-1 Huddersfield v Watford 0'2 West Ham v Leicester 1-1 Wolverhampton v Brighton 3-1 Newcastle v Southampton 2-1 21 April Everton v Man United 1-3 Arsenal vCrystal Palace 2-1 Cardiff vLiverpool 0-3 22 April Chelsea v Burnley 3-1 23 April Tottenhamv Brighton 2-0 Watford v Southampton 1-2 24 April Wolverhampton v Arsenal 2-2 Man United v Man City 1-3
  13. Week 34 12 April Leicester v Newcastle 2-1 13 April Tottenham v Huddersfield 3-0 Brighton v Bournemouth 1-1 Burnley v Cardiff 2-1 Fulham v Everton 0-2 Southampton v Wolverhampton 1-2 Man United v West Ham 2-0 14 April Crystal Palace v Man City 1-2 Liverpool v Chelsea 1-2 15 April Watford v Arsenal 2-1 16 April Brighton v Cardiff 1-0
  14. I think you are correct and that saddens me a great deal. Amd the goal was spectacular!
  15. Week 33 5 April Southampton v Liverpool 0-2 6 April Bournemouth v Burnley. 1-1 Huddersfield v Leicester 0-2 Newcastle v Crystal Palace 2-1 7 April Everton v Arsenal 0-3 8 April Chelsea v West Ham 2-1
  16. God I'm old. I saw this more years ago than I like to think about.
  17. Yes, I've saying it for two years. Today the Blues got ridiculously lucky to get the worst ref in the league, Craig Pawson. So many fouls in the box (that he didn't see. He probably should have given six or seven penalties. And even I can't figure out how the linesman missed Azpilicueta being about two yards offside. All in all, I actually feel bad for Cardiff, because I've seen Chelsea get screwed by Pawson more than a few times. Until the offside goal, my thoughts were pretty much identical to my rant about the Everton game two weeks ago. I have no fucking clue as to what Sarri is doing. I haven't disliked a Chelsea manager this much since the dark days of Andre Villas-Boas. I want him gone!
  18. Almost forgot. Week 32 30 March Fulham v Man City 0-3 Brighton v Southampton 2-1 Burnley v Wolverhampton 1-3 Crystal Palace v Huddersfield 2-1 Leicester v Bournemouth 1-1 Man United v Watford 3-1 West Ham v Everton 2-0 31 March Cardiff v Chelsea1-2 Liverpool v Tottenham 3-2 1 April Arsenal v Newcastle 2-2 2 April Watford v Fulham 3-0 Wolverhampton v Man United 2-2 3 April Chelsea v Brighton 2-0 Man City v Cardiff 3-1 Tottenham v Crystal Palace 4-0
  19. Hell, like you I'm sure Charlie, I saw Alan Shepard and John Glenn when I was a little kid. I was a space fanatic until the end of the Apollo program. I spent the spring and summer of '69 obsessed with any and all things Apollo 11.
  20. Definitely worth seeing. A documentary with no narration, just letting the words and images speak for themselves. It has a ton of never before seen footage. I know a LOT about this mission and it still kept me captivated and invested. I wanted to stand up and cheer when the re-entry radio blackout ended and the three chutes opened. An interesting fact: when Mr. "Always Cool and Composed," Neil Armstrong, was piloting the LM down while fuel was down to 15 seconds left, his heartrate reached 156 - and he still landed the damn thing. Impressive.
  21. I think it's definitely time for Sarri to go. Every team in the league has figured his system out. Luiz, Alonzo and Rudiger all play better when set up as a back three, but Sarri refuses to change. Kante has been played out of position all year. Jorginho has no pace and is not particularly good at playing the ball forward. I'm sick of his substitution of like for like most of the time. Alonzo is good going forward, but he couldn't defend against my 85 year-old Dad. Kepa has the shakes now after playing behind that porous back four. Hazard is frustrated with the system and the manager and though I don't want him to go, I can't blame him if he does. I had the same feeling watching again today that I've had so often this year - the team comes out blazing, but if they don't score early they seem to lose interest. Sarri has lost the dressing room and I don't see him winning it back. Europa League is their only chance at the CL next year. I would take Zola as a caretaker right now for the rest of the season. And here's something I never thought I would say as long as I live - bring back Rafa! (Actually I'd like to see Eddie Howe.) That's my rant for the year. Carry on.
  22. Week 31 16 March Bournemouth v Newcastle 1-1 Burnley v Leicester 1-2 West Ham v Huddersfield 2-0 17 March Fulham v Liverpool 0-3 Everton v Chelsea 1-2
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