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  1. They didn't give me a new code, so I assume that one still works. Thanks.
  2. I'll get that done when I get home in a while.
  3. My new system: wait until Tacitus posts each week, then copy his with the exception of one match each week. Just joking!
  4. I actually heard the announcer say "Great challenge by Moreno! Perfectly timed!" What's the world coming to????
  5. No, not a supporter of either team. Just a boring friendly.
  6. Currently reading The World As It Is by former Obama advisor and speechwriter Ben Rhodes. Looks good so far.
  7. Too bad Mourinho always blows up in season three. Should make for an interesting year.
  8. I'm through S2E2. I watch two or three every evening until I finish a season, then take a break for a few days before starting the next.
  9. So -- second in the PL, qualified for the CL, but no trophies in Mourinho's second year. Is that a successful season for United supporters?
  10. Well, I certainly didn't expect this -- but I'm very happy!
  11. Just started "The Wire" for my fourth go- around. I love this series.
  12. I couldn't take watching this performance -- had to turn to Spurs-Leicester.
  13. This is a massively entertaining game!!!
  14. Spurs on Bravo, United on USA, and in a correction it's City on SyFy and Arsenal on MSNBC.
  15. Change - Chelsea on NBCSN, Liverpool on NBC, Arsenal on SyFy.
  16. Morning Joe is MSNBC's lead political show weekday mornings and Scarborough is a huge Liverpool supporter. They talk footie for a few minutes almost every Monday morning through the PL season.
  17. I guess "Morning Joe" Scarborough will be watching SyFy instead of MSNBC!
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