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  1. For anyone in Australia looks like the local release will be Dec 4th at Event Cinema's...
  2. About to board a non stop 18 hour flight from London to Perth so if anybody could PM a link in the next hour or so that’d be awesome! Otherwise it’s a long ride home hoping the vinyl will be on more doorstep when I get there! Can’t wait to hear this album.
  3. I Fought The Law - Hope Estate Winery
  4. What a fantastic show, I was at the Cardiff one the night before and remember it so well. Quick question on the sound quality though - I have a very distinct high pitched hiss coming through prominently on ‘If I Should Fall Behind’ and ‘Thunder Road’ in particular. Is anybody else hearing this? Seems evident on the website samples too.
  5. About to walk down to the theatre in the next hour. Can’t wait to see the show. Stood outside and got a vinyl signed by Bruce on his way into the theatre yesterday, which was quite surreal. Will report back following the show!
  6. Reading this thread isn’t helping the hours go any faster until I get to go to this show next week! Flying from Perth Australia to Hong Kong to New York next weekend and will be there for the Thursday 14th show. So excited for the night itself, and for NY in general. We’ve got 2 tickets between the 3 of us that will be there, so if by some miracle anybody hears of an additional one available anywhere I’d be forever grateful if you let me know. Otherwise we will be keeping everything crossed and taking our chances at the box office on the morning!
  7. Heard a rumour that todays release will be from Bonnaroo in 2009... 1. Badlands 2. No Surrender 3. My Lucky Day 4. Outlaw Pete 5. Out In The Street 6. Working On A Dream 7. Seeds 8. Johnny 99 9. Youngstown 10. Raise Your Hand 11. Santa Clause Is Coming To Town 12. Growin' Up 13. Thunder Road 14. Waitin' On A Sunny Day 15. The Promised Land 16. The River 17. Kingdom Of Days 18. Radio Nowhere 19. Lonesome Day 20. The Rising 21. Born To Run --- 22. Hard Times Come Again No More 23. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out 24. Land Of Hope And Dreams 25. American Land 26. Rosalita 27. Glory Days 28. Dancing In The Dark I guess we will see later on today!
  8. Anyone in Perth / Australia - JB HiFi have a few copies. Perth city store (the underground one) had about 5 copies in. $109 is their normal price but they are also doing 20% off Vinyl today
  9. Nugs download of Perth #1 is available - that was quick!!
  10. Not sure if it's a mistake, but Perth Arena just replied on twitter to a fan and said video of the entire show will be uploaded onto the official Springsteen website. Would normally dismiss it as a mistake but who knows given the sudden removal of all fan videos from YouTube and social media? Perhaps video downloads are coming!?
  11. So excited for tonight. It really is a great venue - of all of the modern arena's that I've gone to its for me the best. My thoughts on the opening song change by the hour, just hoping for an overall set-list in keeping with the theme of the recent US shows. Hope everyone has a great night!
  12. this exact time next week we will be an hour or so in to night one, all the way down here in little ol' Perth. Its going to be a long 7 days!!!
  13. I think its 30 days until things kick off here in sunny Perth. Bets for opening song, opening night? I'm going to go with a full band Long Walk Home.
  14. If anyone wants a GA for the first show in Brisbane (14th) for face value let me know. My mate has made the classic 'right ticket / wrong show' mistake!