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  1. "And you know damn well, That for you I'd ruin myself, A million little times."
  2. Dance Little Sister - Terence Trent D'Arby
  3. "Well, there's a light on yonder mountain, And it's calling me to shine; There's a girl over by the water fountain; And she's asking to be mine." Not listened to this in a while; still sounds great.
  4. "And soon there's sand in every kiss, And soon the dawn is ready; And soon the night surrenders To a daffodil machete." Honestly think this is as good a song as he ever wrote. Absolutely floored me when I first heard it; still does.
  5. At last, a show I was at! And what a fun show it was too
  6. Lorde (they've already covered each other's songs live, plus she's GREAT) Taylor Swift (she's the 'new Springsteen' right...?) Joni Mitchell (I'm not sure she sings these days but I'd be delighted to just see her on stage)
  7. "And it's going pretty cheap you say; Well, it's a deceased estate."
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